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Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity.

Handicap International is changing his name and becomes « Humanity & Inclusion ». HI, Humanity & Inclusion is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation with no religious or political affiliations operating in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

HI has offices in 63 countries; for further information about the association:


HI is managing large humanitarian programs in Middle-East along three main pillars:

  1. Provision of comprehensive rehabilitation services (physical and functional rehabilitation services, psychosocial support and/or prosthetics and orthotics) through direct provision of services and/or support to structures/organizations;
  2. Education to the risks and effects caused by conventional weapons (including mines, explosive remnants of war and small arms light weapons) and urgent marking of hazardous areas;
  3. Training and technical support to other humanitarian actors on the inclusion of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable persons in the humanitarian response (with a special focus on inclusive health and inclusive livelihoods).

The actual intervention is based on a mix of remote management of national teams, remote partnerships with local structures and organizations, and direct implementation programs.


Under the line management of the Field Area Manager, you will:

  1. Ensure the safe and timely resumption of clearance activities
  2. Following strategy decision to expand the clearance activities, assess the needs and operational options, propose alternative or strategy modification if needed.
  3. Provide strategic and technical guidance towards non-technical survey and clearance programs
  4. Ensure sound coordination of the team under your coordination, in line with HI’s Code of Conduct, rules and regulations

Terms of Reference:

1. Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the assessment of needs and gaps in the mine action sector and to the definition of HI’s mine action strategy;
  • Co-lead with the HR department the recruitment, inception and training of non-technical survey (NTS) and land release field staff;
  • Manage the sound, safe and timely implementation of NTS, TS and land release activities, under the technical supervision of HI’s EOD Specialist in HQ, and the functional supervision of the Area Manager;
  • Perform frequent field visits in the intervention sites for technical supervision, on-the-job training and quality assurance;
  • Contribute to the development and update of technical training packages for NTS and clearance activities;
  • Contribute to the development and update of the technical guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for non-technical survey (NTS) and clearance activities, under the technical supervision of HI’s EOD Specialist(GEODS) in HQ;
  • Support the internal QAQC Technical Specialist in ensuring an effective Quality Management System is fully compliant with HI SOPs;
  • Ensure sound coordination of the team, in line with HI’s Code of Conduct, rules and regulations;
  • Define and follow, with each staff under your coordination, an Individual Action Plan (IAP) and the time frame to achieve the desired objectives;
  • Ensure good communication, coordination, and information-sharing with each member of the team through participation in regular coordination meetings and individual meetings;
  • Support conflict resolution (personal and professional) within the team and inform the Area Manager and the HR coordinator of any major conflict;
  • Support the respect of HI’s Code of Conduct, HI’s Misconduct Reporting Mechanism, HI’s Policy on Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, HI’s Security rules, and other relevant rules and regulations by the members of the team under your coordination.
  • When required, contribute to the design and update of risk education (RE) training packages, RE materials and RE mass media campaigns;
  • When required, contribute to the development and the data analysis of RE/NTS need assessments, KAPB surveys, effect/impact studies, and other research efforts;
  • When required, provide technical guidance and support to HI’s project managers and project officers in charge of risk education programs;
  • Co-lead the assessment of needs, feasibility, opportunities and risks of a potential future NTS and clearance intervention in other areas;
  • If necessary, design the implementation plan for this second phase of intervention (staff recruitment plan, training plan, supply plan, financial plan), with the support and guidance of the HR, finance and logistics departments;
  • If necessary, contribute to the development of documents and systems and to the negotiations for a local accreditation process (not yet existing)
  • Contribute to internal and external reporting for the NTS and clearance components;
  • In close collaboration with the hub manager and the area managers, participate to field external coordination with local authorities and other mine action actors;

2. Collaboration and reporting:

You will work in collaboration with the hub manager, the area managers in charge of each area of intervention, their HR, logistic and finance teams, the Internal QAQC Field Specialist, and the EOD Specialist (HQ). You will take care to apply the following directives in terms of reports and progress reports:

  • Ensure operational reporting internally, to authorities and donors as required.
  • A final report, at the end of the mission, is to be submitted to the Area Manager, and the GEODS.
  • Pre weekly and monthly reports to the HQ GEODS on land release activities.

Those directives have the goal to insure a good collaboration between the consultant and HI.


1. Essential qualifications

· Relevant and certified EOD and IEDD qualification to fulfil organizational needs.

· IMAS Level 3+ qualification from accredited school or organisation.

· Experience in NGOs and humanitarian settings

2. Experience and competencies:

· Experience in planning, managing and supervising/controlling survey, and clearance operations;

· Experience in the field of training /professional training

· Understanding of project management tools and previous experience in project design.

· Experience in data collection and data management / community liaison

· A previous experience in Iraq with the knowledge of the country requirements and culture is an asset

· Ability to work in hard conditions, and without constant supervision

· Very good written and oral communication skills

SPECIFIC CONDITIONS FOR CONSULTANCY CONTRACTS (Salaried conditions to come during the recruitment process):

· Starting date : April 2021**

· Length of the contract12 months

o 2 to 3 months (depending on starting date) Consultancy contract AS Chief of Operations **

o 9 to 10 months salaried contract (to be discussed as HI is restructuring responsibilities for EOD Staff) as Land Release Project Manager. Clarifications will be given during the recruitment process. **

· Affectation base: Middle East. Base is subject to changes to meet operational needs and regular trips to other sites may be required

· Accommodation: provided by HI in shared guesthouse

· Consultant status:

-Monthly fees: from 6500 €, more depending on experience

-R&R*: 60 days of R&R over 12 months* : HI covers the transportation costs from the site of mission to the R&R destination up to a ceiling fixed by the program

* The R&R rotation depends on the program policy and can evolve with time depending on

Many factors, most of them being external (this policy is reviewed on a regular basis and should evolve in near future).

* R&R are provided by HI based on the necessary rest (when working in stressing contexts) to be taken in order to be able to implement EOD activities in good conditions. They are to be taken during the mission but are not to be paid if they are not taken at the end of the contract.

*-National holiday**: 10 public holidays a year maximum celebrated in the country of mission and validated by the Programme Director

*-Flight ticket** and transportations for departure and arrival taken in charge by HI

-Insurances: Liability + HMA specific insurance**

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