Community Outreach Deputy Director for External Projects At St. Andrew’s Refugee Services

Founded in 1979, StARS is a refugee service provider in central Cairo that works to enhance the quality of life for refugees and vulnerable migrants through five broad program areas: education, psychosocial, legal, community outreach and unaccompanied youth and children support services. We provide high-quality services meeting the unaddressed needs of refugees, and we provide a safe and inclusive space for displaced people to come together as a community. We work for refugees, with refugees, to make rights recognition a reality.

StARS’ Mission: Driven by a commitment to justice and fairness, StARS works as displaced people and for displaced people to respect human dignity and enhance quality of life.

StARS’ Vision: Displaced people lead in the creation and implementation of responses to different forms of migration to establish safe, just, welcoming, and inclusive communities globally.

We serve people from many places, including Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

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Department Description: Outreach

The Community Outreach Department serves many purposes in maintaining contacts with both individual community members as well as the diverse array of community-based organizations in the Greater Cairo area to improve refugee services in Egypt overall. The Outreach team is the main and central body for any new contact or visit, with staff members fully knowledgeable of the services provided by StARS in order to represent the organization as a whole. Outreach also improves coordination between StARS departments and programs, especially when nurturing relationships with the same organization. Outreach collects vital data on each Community-Based Organization in the community and assesses the community-based organizations’ needs and through coordination with other StARS’ programs, or through collaboration with other service providers, decide what actions should be taken to meet the Community-Based Organization’s needs.

Sub-program description: External Projects

The External Projects Program is a sub-program of the Community Outreach Department and works largely in capacity building with the management of community-based organizations in order to support changes in and/or expansion of their services. The External Projects Program is connected directly with StARS’ long-term goals of supporting the leadership and self-sufficiency of refugee communities and having their voices represented to major INGOs and embassies.


Under the supervision of the Community Outreach Director, the Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects is responsible for the day-to-day management of the External Projects Program and is tasked with engaging the management team of community-based organizations of different nationalities in capacity building efforts so that they may grow in capacity and influence, as well as supporting the Community Outreach team. The Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects supports all Community-Based Organization engagement efforts with a focus on Community-Based Organization self-sufficiency and transferring skills and knowledge in a culturally-sensitive manner that considers the strengths and vulnerabilities of refugee community leaders. Additionally, the Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects is in charge of supervision of the External Projects Officers, the Gender Equality Officer, as well as the Fundraising Manager, as their work supports institutional capacity building at different levels. The Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects must maintain strong coordination and collaboration with the African Nations Outreach Coordinator, the Syrian and Yemeni Outreach Coordinator, and other management team members across the Department.

The Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects is responsible for running an Intensive Capacity Building Program that provides training to community-based organizations, designing, implementing, and coordinating workshops for community-based organizations on a variety of topics related to organizational management, as well as providing one-on-one individualized support to community-based organizations, particularly in relation to grant writing. In addition to the Intensive Capacity Building Program, the Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects oversees Introductory Capacity Building workshop series to newly mapped community-based organizations, and other community-based organizations that Community Outreach works closely with. The Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects is involved in multiple long-term Community Outreach projects through implementing capacity building activities, and leads on project reporting for two Department projects. This involves: collecting report contributions across the department, coordinating data collection and compiling a first draft of the report. The Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects also works closely with the Community Outreach Deputy Director to help manage and support other department-wide project implementation. The Community Outreach Deputy Director External Projects additionally collaborates with the Community Outreach Director and Community Outreach Deputy Director on the strategic vision, reporting, and Monitoring and Evaluation for the Department.


All duties are carried out under the supervision of the Community Outreach Director of StARS. Effective communication with the Community Outreach Coordinators, and other StARS staff, is essential to the success of this role.


· Maintain a strong working knowledge of refugee populations and community-based organizations in the Greater Cairo area, as well as stay up-to-date on changes among communities/ community-based organizations

· Maintain a strong working knowledge of best practices for community outreach, ensuring that the work of the program is strategic, culturally respectful, and designed towards community self-sufficiency

· Maintain a strong working knowledge of StARS services across all five departments

· Analyze the Community-Based Organization profiles done by Community Outreach sub-programs and discuss which actions are of highest priority and within the program’s capacity

· Oversee the completion of supplementary management profiles for community-based organizations to have accurate data on each community-based organization’s capacity

· Oversee the implementation of a female community leaders monthly meeting with Community Outreach Communications Coordinator, and the Gender Equality Officer.

Supervisory role:

· Provide direct supervision to the following Community Outreach Department staff: three External Project Officers, Gender Equality Officer, and Fundraising Manager.

· Provide indirect support to Community Outreach Programs Officer, Community Outreach Policy and Advocacy Officer, in particular within the Department as it relates to project implementation.

· Gender Equality Officer – support with: internal and external capacity building trainings on gender, gender equality, gender mainstreaming, coordinating within the department on project activities, and conducting internal reviews with community-based organizations on institutional support and reviewing governance-specific documents and systems in place (i.e. Community-Based Organization staff handbooks, operational and strategic plans, among others).

· Fundraising Manager – support with: reviewing capacity building trainings on fundraising and resource mobilization and assessments, overseeing community-based organization grant applications and reviewing reports on grants.

Intensive Capacity Building:

· Facilitate a series of intensive capacity building trainings to Community-Based Organization leaders on a variety of topics for institutional and governance support (including: reporting, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning). Trainings often occur each month to different cohorts of Community-Based Organizations.

· Support community-based organizations in implementing the theoretical trainings more practically (e.g. supporting community-based organizations in developing and/or strengthening internal systems and documents).

· Oversee the application and implementation of Community-Based Organization-led grant applications.

· Design reporting structures, oversee reporting process, and provide feedback to community-based organizations on reports.

· Coordinate with Community Outreach Finance Officer and Fundraising Manager regarding financial reporting on community-based organizations grants.

· Support community-based organizations in designing sustainability plans towards the conclusion of their project

· Attend, and often lead, monthly meetings with community-based organizations who are under different Community Outreach projects.

· Other duties as assigned by Community Outreach Director


· Oversee Introductory Capacity Building Workshop Series for Community-Based Organization management staff on a variety of topics based on Community-Based Organization self-assessed needs found in Community-Based Organization and management profiles.**

· Implement workshops with External Projects Officers with a participatory focus that allows community-based organizations to bring their own experiences, learn from one another, and accurately apply materials to the reality in which they operate.**

· Coordinate with other Community Outreach programs to offer holistic sessions in the workshop series. **

· Oversee post-workshop series Action Plans with External Projects Officers. **

· Develop new training materials based on the Community Outreach program’s and community-based organizations’ needs – which should be assessed through a variety of methods: meetings, online surveys, and/or focus group discussions when possible. **

· Other duties as assigned by Community Outreach Director

Individualized- support to Community-Based Organizations:

· Provide individualized support to community-based organizations based on specific needs or items written in their action plans *(e.g. additional training for the whole management team of a Community-Based Organization)**

· In particular, work with Fundraising Manager to provide support on project design and external grant proposal writing for community-based organizations. **


· Provide regular feedback to the Community Outreach Director on all actions related to Community-Based Organization management capacity building

· Maintain strong communication with Outreach Coordinators to ensure efficient running of the Outreach Department and utilize their key understanding of target communities.**

· Maintain strong communication across StARS programs with focal points, balancing community-based organizations’ needs for their expertise with consideration of staff members’ schedules**

· Maintain strong communication with the management of community-based organizations, maintaining proper cultural awareness and lack of bias**


· Conduct research on projects, opportunities, trainings, or any other beneficial activities in Cairo relevant to community-based organization’s needs

· Provide large contributions to donor reports that relate to the program, explaining program activities successes and challenges and connecting them to the Department’s long-term plan and strategy.

· Design M&E tools for program activities (pre- and post-assessments, surveys, focus group discussions, site observations, informal interviews, etc.)

· Oversee External Projects Program recording procedures done on the file server and client data system

· Maintain organized, comprehensive information on the program’s design and implementation

· Supervise the External Projects Officers with a focus on maintaining proper running of the program as well as providing opportunities for professional development and participatory planning.

Community Outreach Department support

· When overseeing the direct engagement of the Outreach team with community-based organizations, ensures the focus is on both helping

the Community-Based Organization achieve goals in the short term and providing the theory and skills necessary to independently achieve

these goals in the long term.

· To ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of Outreach programs by providing technical support to the Outreach

staff members.

· To revise the strategy of Outreach in response to the changing needs of refugees and operational context, and

participate in annual work planning and strategic planning.

· Promote self-care, peer-support and team building among Outreach staff and volunteers.

· Assist Community Outreach Director with external communication with donors

· Assist Community Outreach Deputy Director in project implementation and follow-up.

· Compile and finalize reports according to Community Outreach Deputy Director requests

· Look for potential future funding and conference opportunities to discuss and promote Community

Outreach’s work with researchers, policy makers and organizations working in the field,

particularly in the field of capacity building.

· Other duties as assigned by Community Outreach Director


· Fluent English-speaking skills and advanced English writing skills, as the job requires advanced knowledge of professional and academic English

· Proficiency in Arabic desired, and proficiency in another refugee language an advantage

· Strong project management experience, especially related to capacity building and civil society strengthening

· At least three years of experience working with refugees or other vulnerable populations

· Experience working with or for community-based organizations and knowledge of the Cairo context an advantage

· Advanced skills in the following areas highly desired: organizational management, project management, report writing, Monitoring and Evaluation, project design, proposal writing, financial management, advocacy, staff supervision, and communication styles and strategies

· Strong experience in providing workshops, conducting trainings, and leading groups, with excellent facilitation skills

· Experience working within a participatory ideology, as well as actively transferring theoretical material in a practical way, highly desired


· Strong communication skills across different cultural backgrounds, with a particular focus on diplomatic communication with communities

· Ability to form strong partnerships among a variety of stakeholders, from grassroots communities to international organizations and donors

· Knowledge of and belief in models of empowerment and participation, with understanding of the deep, involved, and difficult work needed to truly implement such models

· Flexibility and creativity, especially in dealing with a community context with high security concerns and few available financial and material resources

· Motivation to assess project design and effectiveness, with desire to contribute to the strategic vision of the program

· Proven ability to prioritize workload and multi-task

Working Hours: The Deputy Director External Projects is expected to be at work for 40 hours per week, between the hours of 9am and 5pm, from Sunday to Thursday. Longer hours, evening and weekend work are sometimes necessary. Work will be conducted both in StARS premises and also in refugee communities and centers.

Supervised by: Community Outreach Director

Salary: 13,000 EGP/month, rising to 14,000 EGP/month following successful completion three-month probationary period. Plus 4,020 EGP/year Health Coverage and 100 EGP/month Saving Scheme Contribution upon completion of probationary period.

Additional official benefits as stipulated in StARS Staff Handbook Guidelines.

This position is subject to a three-month probationary period, at which time the employee’s performance will be reviewed and probation may be extended.

Closing date for applications: 15 May 2021

Anticipated Starting date: June 2021

How to apply

Please send your Cover Letter and CV to [email protected] using the subject line “Deputy Director External Projects”.

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