Consultancy for Governing Structures-Establishing a new local affiliate NGO At IntraHealth International

1. Background

IntraHealth International is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working in the health sector, headquartered in the United States and registered as an international NGO in Kenya. In 2021, IntraHealth began the process of establishing an independent local affiliate in Kenya.

2. Purpose of the Consultancy

IntraHealth is seeking the services of a local consultant to assist in establishing a new local affiliate NGO’s governing structure. This includes creating a work plan and timeline, recruiting and establishing the new organization’s Board of Directors (BoD) as well as organizing and facilitating the first annual general meeting (AGM) and BoD meeting. The consultant will coordinate this work with IntraHealth’s country office, the local affiliate NGO, and legal counsel to set up governance.

3. Scope of Work Details

  • Develop a work plan/timeline of tasks, identifying responsible and supporting parties, in collaboration with IntraHealth, local affiliate NGO, and local legal counsel.
  • With guidance from IntraHealth Country Director or designee, oversee completion of the work plan, which will entail both producing assigned deliverables and facilitating the work of assigned IntraHealth and local affiliate NGO staff to produce their respective deliverables.
  • Work with IntraHealth and local affiliate NGO staff to identify potential organization and BoD members for the local NGO who collectively can provide the skills and experience necessary to support and further the aims and objectives of the organization and constitute a high-functioning board to soundly guide the organization. Produce a summary document compiling biographical sketches and a skills/experience matrix of identified potential organization and board members for review by IntraHealth and the local affiliate NGO. With guidance from IntraHealth and the local NGO, draft invitation letters to proposed organization and BoD members.
  • Organize, prepare materials for (including meeting agendas, invitations, and board orientation materials), and facilitate the local NGO’s first AGM and board meeting, including orientation session for the board. Document and produce official minutes of the proceedings for both meetings. The AGM and BoD meeting may be conducted virtually so the consultant must have the means/ experience to facilitate such virtual meetings.
  • Assist with compilation of BoD documentation for NGOs Coordination Board registration purposes, as needed.
  • Ensure that all tasks conducted and deliverables produced are compliant with relevant Government of Kenya (e.g. NGOs Coordination Board) laws, requirements, processes and procedures for establishing and operating a local NGO.
  • Provide relevant advice to both IntraHealth and the local affiliate NGO throughout the process.

4. Deliverables and Reports

The consultant will lead the completion of the following deliverables, with the expectation that some tasks will be completed by the consultant while completion of others will be facilitated by the consultant by overseeing, supporting and/or reviewing the work of assigned IntraHealth and local affiliate NGO staff, other consultants and legal counsel. IntraHealth may prioritize some tasks and deliverables over others based on needs for establishing the local affiliate NGO and the timeline of activities. Draft versions will be produced, input solicited from designated individuals, and their feedback incorporated to produce final versions of the following:

Work plan with timeline identifying key activities, deliverables and benchmarks, with responsible and supporting parties identified for each, including those for which IntraHealth and local affiliate NGO staff are responsible for.

Summary document of biographical sketches and skills/experience matrix of potential organization and BoD members.

  • Draft invitation letters to potential organization/board members to become members of the organization. Draft AGM/BoD meeting invitation letters to organization members.
  • First AGM and BoD meeting materials packets, including required agenda items, all official forms, agreements and other documents requiring review, action and signatures from organization and/or board members, and board orientation presentation.
  • Draft minutes of first AGM and BoD meeting for BoD review; finalized, signed minutes of meetings incorporating review feedback along with any required forms, agreements or other documents signed by required BoD and/or organization representatives.


Quotations should clearly state unit price (daily rate).

Quotations should include the following:

  • Up to date CV(s)
  • Cover letter
  • At least 3 references with current contact info for assignments of similar scope and size (references will be checked)
  • Established daily rate in Kenyan shillings which should be proven by providing three completed assignment invoices or proof of salary with the requested rate

IntraHealth reserves the right to a) reject any and all offers, in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever, b) waive immaterial requirements, and c) pursue purchasing in a manner that is in the best interest of IntraHealth.

United States law prohibits transactions with, and the provision of resources and support to, individuals and organizations associated with terrorism. The supplier must ensure compliance with these laws in any resultant contract from this RFQ.


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How to apply


1.) Response to this request for quotation should be sent by email by 25th March 2021 by 1700 hours (East African Time)

2.) Inquiries concerning this request should be directed to [email protected].

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