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Consultant for BMZ Feasibility Study
Disaster Preparedness Project for Liguasan Marsh based Farmers of North Cotabato Province

Job needed:
Consultant for feasibility study

Disaster-Preparedness Project for Liguasan Marsh-based Farmers of North Cotabato Province


The purpose of this Feasibility Study is : a) to collect data in order to optimise the project application; and b) to assess the project’s feasibility according to DAC criteria.

The consultant will be responsible for the design of the methodology in the conduct of the feasibility study. The research proposal should explain how the proposed approach/methodology will lead to the anticipated change as outlined above. It should clearly demonstrate how each specific research component will elicit the desired information. The feasibility study should strongly focus on direct beneficiaries and specific stakeholder groups (people organization, civil society groups, government programs) instead of undertaking a general assessment. Below are the key target beneficiaries and partners of the project.

  • Local farmers’ and other community-based organizations
  • Local NGOs and other civil society groups
  • Local Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Offices (LDRRMOs)
  • Local Agriculture Office
  • Local Environment and Natural Resources Office

The Study Design (including data collection instruments) must be between 10 to 15 pages. We recommend a combination of qualitative and quantitative tools and research methods as well as a desk study of relevant studies and secondary data. The consultant can use existing research tools for capacity assessments, stakeholder analysis, and market studies. S/he is also encouraged to conduct surveys and use statistical tools and software models in analyzing data and projecting scenarios, if applicable.

A detailed work and financial plan outlining the activities, outputs, resources, and timeline must be submitted together with the other requirements. The applicant is also expected to submit a contingency plan describing the potential risks that may affect the conduct of the study (e.g. COVID 19, conflict situations). The plan should recommend the risk mitigation actions to manage the risks identified in the study.

The grantee is required to submit progress reports to WVDF. Templates will be provided by WVDF for the Inception Report and the final Feasibility Study report which should not exceed 30 pages, excluding the annexes. Below is the complete list of deliverables for this assignment.

  • An inception report (10-15 pages) clearly outlining the approach, indicators, methodology and tools (see template Annex I)
  • A kick-off meeting with WV DF and WV Germany before the start of the feasibility study
  • Finalize survey tools and sampling design
  • Enumerator training, tool pre- testing and data collection
  • De-briefing with partners and WVI staff
  • A comprehensive and well-organized final feasibility report in electronic version in word and PDF based on the template structure in Annex II (max. of 30 pages without Annex)
  • Abstract and power point presentations to be used for dissemination of results to stakeholders (Key Summary Report)
  • Supporting files, original and cleaned datasets, statistical output files, photos, etc.

Desired Qualifications

  • A minimum of 5 years or more experience, with the following expertise, experiences and competency:
  • At least a master’s degree qualification in any of the following areas: Livelihood, Gender, Social Sciences, Development Studies and research
  • Experience leading assessments, feasibility studies or evaluations for European Union funded projects, Germany donor funded projects (GIZ, BMZ or similar donors)
  • A thorough conceptual understanding of livelihood and gender dynamics in fragile context
  • Excellent analytical, interpersonal, communication and reporting skills
  • Knowledge and experience in gender and women’s rights issues
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English

Application Deadline

Technical Proposals are invited from interested individuals/organizations for the above assignment and the last date for submission is 31 March 2021. Along with the proposal and CV of researcher, the following also need to be presented:

  • Details of previous experience of similar studies
  • Sample reports of previous study conducted.

This study is scheduled to start on 1 April 2021 and to be completed within 10 working days commencing from the date the contract is signed. The final report is due on 15 April 2021.

The consultant is responsible for all costs associated with the preparation and submission of their respective proposals. Consultants are requested to submit one proposal with both technical and financial sections using submission instructions in the advertisement.

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