Grants Management Specialist (GMS) At Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

A. About Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
ADPC is an intergovernmental regional organization with a vision to reduce disaster and
climate risk impacts on communities and countries in Asia and the Pacific by working with
governments, development partners, international organizations, NGOs, civil society,
private sector, media, and other key stakeholders.
Established in 1986 as a technical capacity building center, ADPC has grown and
diversified its expertise across social and physical sciences to support sustainable
solutions for risk reduction across a broad range of specialist areas. With over 100 staff
from 19 different nationalities and a wide range of professional expertise from
atmospheric scientists to social scientists with experiences from all levels of engagement
typically required for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Resilience (CR) in an
effective manner. ADPC is a competent regional resource center and has seven thematic
departments: ADPC Academy, Risk Governance, Climate Resilience, Urban Resilience,
Health Risk Management, Preparedness for Response and Recovery, Geospatial
Information. These are supported by Finance, Human Resources and Administration, and
Strategic Planning departments. In addition to the departments, ADPC works on three
cross-cutting themes: Gender and Diversity, Poverty and Livelihoods, and Regional and
Transboundary Cooperation through permanent working committees.
ADPC Strategy 2020 guides the organization in providing comprehensive risk reduction
support to countries and communities in Asia and the Pacific. ADPC recognizes the
importance of examining the linkages between disaster risk management, poverty
reduction, gender equality, sustainability, rights-based approaches, climate change and
regional cooperation.
For details please refer to ADPC website at

B. Background
The World Bank has recently approved the project on Climate Adaptation and Resilience
(CARE) in South Asia, a $39.5 million initiative that will be jointly implemented by the Asian
Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early
Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES).

The overall aim of the project is to build resilience to climate change risks by sharing
regional data and knowledge, developing regional standards and guidelines for
infrastructure, and promoting climate-resilient policies and investments. The key target
sectors under this project such as agriculture, transport, water, planning, and finance will
be piloted in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan. ADPC is entrusted for the component 2
focusing on Enabling Climate Resilient Policies and Standards for Development with the
following sub-components:

  1. Advisory services for policy and investment interventions
  2. Promoting Climate Resilient Design and Standards
  3. Implementation Support to Climate-Risk Management Solutions
  4. Innovation for Climate Adaptation and Resilience

C. Scope
Grants management plays a vital role in successfully promoting innovation and adoption of
disruptive technology in South Asia region (SAR) for climate resilience through award of
grants to eligible and qualifying solutions, as envisaged in the CARE project.
The role of this consultant would entail the coordination of grants to facilitate innovative
solutions and monitoring of subsequent pilot-testing for application and scale-up across
different sectors for resilience.

The consultant will ensure efficient and effective use of the allocated grants to the
innovators from the South Asian region. S/he is also expected to support the grant
allocation mechanism, release of the grants and monitoring progress of the innovators who
are assigned the grant.
The consultant will ensure efficient and effective use of the allocated grants to the
S/he is also expected to be instrumental in drawing up the grant allocation mechanism,
release of the grants and monitoring progress of the innovators who are assigned the grant
for piloting solutions. S/he will seek technical advice from the ADPC’s Deputy Executive
Director and conduct technical appraisal and performance assessment of the innovators, as
well as regular administration of the grant.
The consultant will be based in Bangkok, Thailand and report to Project Director.

It is not the intent of this Terms of Reference to cover every aspect of the position
requirements, rather to highlight the most important areas of personal and joint

D. Duties and Responsibilities
The Grants Management Specialist shall be responsible for:

Program Implementation
 Lead the implementation of the Grant that includes the grant process (including
eligibility and selection criteria, jury constitution, application forms, guidance notes,
systems for fund disbursement, governance, transparency, and performance
 Work with ADPC Finance and HRA teams and CARE PIU for operations and
compliance to incorporate and adapt relevant parts of ADPC’s financial, procurement
and human resources manual into sections of the resilience innovation grant.
 Manage the grants process — including assessment and oversight — emphasizing
due diligence, value for money, and cost effectiveness; manage the competitive
selection process; screen and appraise grant applications for funding from the
concept note stage to the award stage.
 Work with the ADPC’s communications team to promote the sub component 2.4
through print and social media, and events to attract grant applicants.

Budgeting and Planning
 Undertaking financial and implementation appraisal of all proposals (including
budgets and log frames).
 Maintaining a comprehensive database of financial and performance records and
integrating it in the overall financial management system of ADPC.
 Work closely with the Finance Department to ensure proper and timely disbursement
of funds to the sub-grant awardees, in accordance with ADPC procedures and the Operations Manual.

Monitoring and Evaluation

 Work with the monitoring and evaluation team of ADPC and the implementation
monitoring firm to ensure that progress towards Innovation Grant’s objectives is
measurable and reported at all stages.
 Draft periodic reports on the Grant implementation for the Project Director’s review
and submission to WB.
 Ensure that grantees’ policies meet WB’s requirements by overseeing due diligence
checks on grantees that evaluate their financial management and accounting
practices and systems, environmental protection, and other relevant activities.

E. Qualifications
Master’s in Finance, economics, or related field with experience, or equivalent combination
of education and experience. A relevant first-level university degree in the above fields with
demonstrated capacity in climate and disaster resilience related subjects may be accepted in
lieu of the advanced university degree.

Work Experience
 At least 5-7 years of professional experience in managing grants for donor funded
 Demonstrated knowledge and skills in designing grant allocation mechanism,
monitoring grants and evaluating outputs from the allocated grants to grant holders.
 Experience in DFID and/or World Bank grants management is desirable.
 Experience of working on innovation challenges or hackathon is an advantage

Personal Qualities
 Maintains collaborative relationships within the ADPC’s Department
 Works effectively with diverse colleagues in own and other Departments
 Creates knowledge products endorsed for wider distribution based on lessons and
multi-country experience
 Independently amends and clarifies messages and documents
 Actively supports work improvement and/or organizational change by work and deed
 Develops and adopts change plans to support Department initiatives
 Considers current and future client needs in proposing ideas
 Vocalizes early support for change
 Recommends inputs to new policies, systems and processes in immediate work area

 English is the working languages of ADPC. For the post advertised, fluency in English
is required. Knowledge of another language is an advantage.

F. Project Team, Reporting Relationships
The Consultant will be a team member of the ADPC’s CARE Project Implementation Unit
(PIU) and assist in the overall implementation of the CARE project sub-component 2.4
technically and operationally.
The Consultant will report to the CARE Project Director. We encourage diversity in our workplace and support an inclusive work environment. The expert’s performance will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

G. Contract Duration
The duration of contract will be for 1 year. The assignment is likely to be extended
depending on the needs of the project and also upon satisfactory performance of the
outputs envisaged in the TORs.

H. Selection Method
Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procumbent regulations as defined in
legal and operational documents.

How to apply

How to apply: Interested Candidates can submit the completed ADPC application form, (downloadable from or ADPC Website ), resume, copy of degrees/certificate(s) together with a cover letter, to: [email protected]
Women are especially encouraged to apply.

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