Joint Assistant Company Secretary At Global Fund for Jesus

GBR and GFFJ seek to appoint an experienced, strategic business management and operational compliance expert with international pedigree and experience. The Joint GBR and GFFJ Company Secretary Assistant should have the necessary international experience and gravitas to ensure sound corporate governance practise, to be the repository of governance knowledge and advise and to be the source of the organisational conscience and assure corporate integrity. A successful candidate must have rich Christian experience with the testimony of integrity and be passionate about the love of a Christian God. Candidates will be informed about the ethos of the GBR during the recruitment process and should personally resonate with them.

Key responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

· Provide the Boards with guidance as to their duties and responsibilities and powers.

· Create awareness of any Laws relevant to or affecting the Organisations.

· Ensuring that Minutes of all Boards and Board Committee Meetings as well Management Team of both organisations are properly recorded in accordance with the international compliance laws.

· Assist the nomination committee and ensure that the procedure of the appointment of Trustees and Board of Directors are carried out.

· Assist with the proper induction, orientation and ongoing training and education of directors, including assessing specific training needs of Directors and Trustees in their fiduciary and other governance responsibilities.

· Ensure Board Charters and Committee Charter are up to date.

· Obtain appropriate responses and feedback to specific agenda items and matters arising from previous meetings in Board and Board committee deliberations. Raise matters that may warrant the attention of the Boards.

The Assistant Joint Company Secretary must meet the following criteria:

· GBR is a Christian-Faith and Kingdom mandate organisation, therefore the incumbent must be aligned with this requirement. The incumbent must have high ethics and integrity. Highly self-driven, entrepreneurial, where one delivers results continuously.

· This is a professional mid-level role, and successful candidates should have at least 5 years experience in the field.

· Legal qualification (s). Post grad an advantage.

· Compliance experience an advantage.

· Needs to be enrolled for at least one of the following company secretarial professional certifications

Institute of Certified Secretaries – Certified Secretary

Chartered Governance Institute (ACG) – Associate Member

Chartered Governance Institute – Chartered Secretary (ACIS)

· Must work well with a board, regardless of its composition and contribute to board building by adhering to clear lines of responsibility and accountability.

· The following qualifications with proven track record are preferred: Economics, Finance, Accounting, Management, Business, Strategy, Legal and other related fields. A post-graduate qualification in Business (MBA or equivalent) is an advantage.

How to apply

This position is open to candidates of all nationalities, and multilingual candidates are also encouraged to apply. Proficiency in at least 2 global languages (e.g., English and French or English and Spanish) is an advantage.

View the full job description and application instructions on the Vacancies page at and email your application by Friday 9th April 2021 to [email protected]

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