Libya Local Governance and Civil Society/ Taqarib- Objective 3 Program Coordinator At DAI Global

Project Background:

The Libya Local Governance and Civil Society (LGCS) Activity will support the foundation of a more unified Libyan state by prioritizing local-level activities that foster stability and accountable governance while reinforcing positive linkages among the national government, subnational government administration, and citizens. LGCS works to increase the Libyan Government’s ability to deliver essential services and promote stability. It seeks to help citizens engage in public dialogue, prioritize resources, and develop initiatives to hold government accountable. To achieve these goals, LGCS will center its activities around four objectives:

  1. Strengthen the capacity of targeted municipal institutions to deliver services and be more responsive to citizen needs
  2. Empower Libyan citizens, civil society organizations, private sector, and other stakeholders with the skills and capability to advocate for government institutions to deliver on their mandates.
  3. Encourage coherence of national and subnational government policy, systems, and coordination through pilots advancing targeted policy reform. Strengthen national and subnational decentralization policies, systems, and, and coordination
  4. Inform Programming through a robust learning and analysis agenda


The Objective 3 Program Coordinator will work closely with the Objective 3 Lead to plan, implement and monitor support activities designed to strengthen national and sub-national decentralization policies, systems, and coordination. S/he will manage a complex workplan of events and activities, ensuring clear communication and collaboration with a range of stakeholders.

Responsibilities and Key Tasks:

· Support Objective 3 Lead in implementation of all Objective 3 activities.

· Track progress toward defined objectives and proactively communicate issues and opportunities to Objective Lead.

· Coordinate with MoLG to implement functional reviews and support decentralization pilots based on objective 3 lead instructions.

· Conduct and/or facilitate research and policy analysis to support national-level meetings on local governance issues.

· Coordinate with LGCS MEL team to enhance communications, M&E and keep the M&E team updates and informed regarding objective 3 activities.

· Updating TAMIS for all objective 3 activities.

· Coordinate with the partner municipalities and others to follow up on objective 3 activities.

· Developing the required Material and reports for the objective 3 activities.

· Any other tasks and duties assigned by objective 3 lead.


· At least 6 years of professional experience.

· Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in related field of study.

· Experience in program management, governance, research, or related field required.

· Experience working with national and subnational entities, municipal councils, civil society organizations, or universities preferred.

· Well-developed analytical writing skills, communications, and interpersonal skills.

· Experience with international donor-funded projects or international organizations preferred.

· Oral and written fluency in English.

· Strong writing skills in English and Arabic is very required.

· Previous work experience in working with NGOs and developing proposals, concept notes and following on their activities.

· Ability to work under pressure and meeting deadlines.

Location and Reporting:

The Objective 3 Coordinator will be based in Tripoli, Libya and will closely work with the Objective 3 Lead and regional office staff.

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit a CV and cover letter to [email protected] with email subject title “Objective 3 Coordinator”

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