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Welthungerhilfe seeks to engage the services of a short-term expert to deliver technical guidance and assistance for the development of an undergraduate level module on Organic Agriculture and Certification to be incorporated in the curriculum of School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at Njala University, Sierra Leone.

The module among others is expected to cover the following elements:

  • An introduction: that provides rationale, overview of organic agriculture and certification process in Africa and globally e.g. standards for IFOAM, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, Germany
  • An exploration of concrete practices organic agriculture and certification
  • Delivery methods including compulsory practicals
  • Course evaluation structure
  • Key reference materials

Location: Njala Campus and Freetown, Sierra Leone

Expected outcome and output of the consultancy

Njala University is opening an Organic Agriculture and Certification Course.

Full course module on Organic Agriculture and Certification Roadmap for the administrational approval and the institutionalization of the module in the offer of the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences of Njala University.

The activities of the consultancy should include but are not limited to:

The assignment will entail designing and developing of the module structured around key
elements stated above. There will be a requirement to consider and use PASGR’s innovations in
pedagogy that blend face-to-face delivery made up of a variety of learning approaches and
platforms with online delivery.

Specific tasks will include the following:

i. Analyze requirements in the job market for professionals of this sector.
ii. Review existing curricula in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Njala University.
iii. Review existing curricula on Organic Agriculture and Certification in other Universities (e.g. Uganda Martyr University).
iv. Determine the learner, the learning environment and the institutional framework conditions in Njala University.
v. Based on the review (i-iv) and with the stakeholders develop a course on organic agriculture
vi. Convene 3 high-level workshops (kick-off, planning & validation):
To be held with key representatives of Njala University and other stakeholders. The consultant is responsible for the planning of the workshops: agenda, duration, activities,materials needed. He/She is also responsible for animating and guiding the discussions (with support from WHH) and the editing of results after each workshop.
vii. Iterative work meetings with university, government representatives and other stakeholders.
viii. Presentation of the module

The Timetable
Publication of Call for Proposals on EU portal – 31/03/2021
Submission of proposals until 17/05/2021
Selection of Expert May
Start of mission June/July

i. Inception report
ii. Reports of module development process
iii. Presentation of module (validation)
iv. Final report including: 1.-3., the final draft of the module and recommendations/attention points for the implementation of the module.

Your qualifications will include:

  • ADORE and Njala University invites expressions of interest (EOI) from individuals or teams with demonstrated expertise and experience in:
  • Organic agriculture and certification
  • Teaching and facilitation at higher education or advanced learning levels
  • Module development and writing
  • Sound and proven experience in developing institutional capacities and providing technical assistance in the field of curricula design, development, preparation and implementation
  • Professional experience in Developing Countries, experience in West Africa is a plus
  • Excellent communication skills, facilitation and moderation skills
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Your requirements will include:

  • A Technical Proposal answering to the TORs (not exceeding 5 pages). This should cover the approach to work, detailed course outline, and work plan with indicative time frame.
  • A Financial Proposal;
  • A brief description of recent experience in similar assignments;
  • A current writing sample on the subject or current course description and brief curriculum if they have developed a similar course
  • CV (highlighting relevant experience)
  • Up-dated CV(s)

How to apply

supply platform
Please apply through the EU supply web portal under the EU-Supply RFT ID Reference
of this tender: [266135].


The validity of offers must be two (2) month minimum.
Quotations must specify all details according to the tender text.
Quotations must be uploaded online through the following web tendering portal not later than the 17/05/2021 that is accessible through the following link.
EU-Portal: Current Tender Opportuinities

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