Mobile Implementation Officer Patient centered care M/F At Médecins Sans Frontières

Médecins Sans Frontières, an international medical and humanitarian association founded in 1971, provides medical assistance to communities faced with crises endangering their survival. These crises typically take the form of armed conflict but also include epidemics, natural catastrophes and even exclusion from healthcare. The French section of MSF is present in some thirty countries worldwide.

MSF is currently looking for a:

Mobile Implementation Officer Patient centered care M/F

The MIO is based in Paris or at a site agreed with the Dirs Op/Med. He/she will spend up to ~70% of the time in the field supporting projects and ~30% in HQ (for updating the mapping done in early 2020, briefings/debriefings and discussions with cells (RP & Med) medical referents, identification of relevant tools, animating debates in HQ etc).

This is a field contract. The duration of field visits in different projects should be a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 months.


Patient centred care is a key pillar of quality of care. In the 2020-2023 MSF OCP Strategic plan, a key focus is on better understanding the needs and constraints of our patients, of developing partnerships and integrating patients in decision making about their health care. We aim to address the different aspects of patient centred care, including understanding the patient experience, their context and values; improving communication skills of health staff, enhancing continuity of care, and involving patients and communities in the design of our services.

The position is under the functional responsibility of the DirOp adjoint with support from the DirMed.

  • Priorities for field visits are decided after discussion with the relevant cell responsible/medcell[1] and dirop adjoint.
  • He/she falls under the responsibility of the head of mission of the country during field visits.


The MIO PCC will contribute, through his/her expertise, to supporting field projects in developing patient centred strategies and interventions. These should be based primarily on an analysis and needs expressed by field projects and address their priorities.

He/she will visit field projects and support field teams in identifying concrete and practical steps to implement patient centred care interventions or strategies, along with any relevant assessment, focus groups, training, etc. He/she will support project management in implementation and follow-up of progress, as relevant. He/she ensures the documentation, coherence and dissemination of experience of these activities across OCP projects and HQ, and contribute to leading discussions with the field and HQ on PCC.

1. Update mapping and analyse existing and future initiatives in patient centred care in OCP, in collaboration with the cells and medop working group on PCC

2. Identify/adapt potential tools and other supports for PCC (including those developed in other OCs and external actors) and develop a simple framework and ‘menu’ of potential interventions, adapted as necessary to MSF contexts

3. Collaborate with cells and coordination teams (HoM/Medco /PC) to plan initial visits to 3-4 missions/projects, with the aim to develop and support interventions related to patient centred care with the field, in line with the ambitions for 2021.

4. Collaborate with social scientists in the MSF movement, RIDER, CRASH and other resources to support patient experience and other initiatives.

5. Document experience and disseminate lessons learned within OCP.

6. Identify potential case study/module on PCC to be included in OCP trainings (FOOT, Forgho, medical leadership)


  • Experience and enthusiasm for promoting patient centred care initiatives.
  • Academic qualifications in psychology or a relevant field, or relevant health services experience.
  • MSF field experience, preferably in management/coordination positions, or recent management experience in a humanitarian project.
  • Fluent in English and French.
  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel).
  • Strong communication skills, diplomacy, flexibility, analytical thinking, leadership skills.

Contractual terms:

6 months minimum, with possible extension.

This TOR can be modified by the MIO in discussion with the DirsOp/Med after review once in the post.


Paris, France

Frequent travels between fields and head quarters

Position to be filled by: Mai 2021.

Deadline for application: April 18th 2021

How to apply

Please submit your application (CV and cover letter) online at:…

Deadline for application is April 18th 2021.

Please note that only selected candidates will be contacted.

[1] TOR of the visit written by Field/medco, shared with med cell/RP for agreement.

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