Procurement Officer At Saed Charity Association

Job code: TR-PO-21-398

Type of Contract: Full-Time

Expected Duration of Assignment: One year with possible extension

Report To: Logistic & Procurement Coordinator.

Number of positions open:1


Saed Charity Association (SCA) is an independent non-governmental, non-profitable humanitarian organization registered in Turkey under 5624 on July 23, 2014.

SCA aims to provide assistance to those in need and war victims all around the world; in addition, its endeavor at present is to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people through the delivery of aid to the Syrians who affected by the on-going crises.

Saed Charity is an Equal Opportunity Employer; we considered all applicants based on merit without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law.

SCA renounces all forms of terrorism and will never knowingly support, tolerate or encourage terrorism or the activities of those who embrace and or finance terrorism. Consistent with relevant numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions.

It is the policy of SCA to seek to ensure that none of its and its donor funds is used, directly or indirectly, to provide support to individuals or entities associated with terrorism.

Key Responsibilities

· Implement all the process of purchasing supplies, materials, equipment, and goods needed for office, worksites, and projects in accordance with the SCAs policies & procedures.

· Follow up & update the list of materials periodically that include technical specifications and estimated prices.

· Update the supplier list and support the Supplier Evaluation Committee with the justifications and necessary documents for their evaluation by following up on the local market study of ” the resources used in the implementation of activities”, ensuring the availability of goods and the estimated cost for them, and providing the program management with all the support required during the study of projects and submitting suggests.

· Coordinate with the project manager to develop the procurement plan based on the activities plan of the project. (To be signed by the procurement coordinator, the procurement officer, the project manager, & the program manager) (Upon which the purchase orders are prepared).

· Ensure the supply of services, supplies, cars, materials, and activities at the required time, at the best price, at the required quality, and in the right place in coordination with the logistical department.

· Preparing purchase orders (within purchase thresholds) according to SCA’s policy and donor’s requirements.

· Preparing the bid announcement in coordination with the requesting program according to the SCA’s procurement policy then ask the media department for publication it after obtaining the required approvals and following upon receiving the tender envelopes from the suppliers based on the specified terms in the procurement policy.

· Preparing the competitive bid analysis report and following up with the awarded bidder in coordination with the Bid opening Committee.

· Preparing the purchase orders, complete the required approval, and preparing the purchase contracts and any lease or procurement transactions.

· Follow up and refund on the performance security, if any, for the suppliers after the completion of all supply processes, receiving of the supporting documents, and the end of the warranty period.

· Preparing the payment claim to the suppliers, attached with all the supporting documents, after the compliance officer’s approval, then follow up on the payments with the financial department.

· Archiving all procurement documents according to the budget line or the requirements of the donor, in electronic and paper form.

Accountability and compliance

· Be sure all procurement procedures are documented by transparent based on the SCAs policies, which include purchase orders, supplier list, quotations, competitive bid analysis, and purchase reports.

· Confidentiality and no leakage of any information that is not allowed to be published.

Full coordination with the compliance officer and the legal officer, to be all documents conform to SCA’s policy, donor policy, government rules, and regulations.


Participating in the Bid Opening Committee as a facilitator, and ensuring that the tender committee adheres to the terms and procedures based on the SCA’s policy. Through the following:

· Coordination with the Bid opening Committees and arranging its dates.

· Coordination with the requested program to prepare the criteria for rejection and acceptance in accordance with the SCA’s policy.

· Coordination with the requested program to prepare the criteria for rejection and acceptance based on the SCA’s policy.

· Coordination for the meeting of Bid committee.

Clarify the policies and procedures related to the bid opening for either suppliers or committee members

· Monitoring the progress of bid opening and ensure all procedures are completed.


· Close work with Syria’s team to implement all procurement & delivery transactions within the specified date & location.

Communicate with the project manager to implement the procurement process perfectly

Prepare the bid opening report and complete all required signatures and documents.


· Submit the periodic reports to the Logistic & Procurement Coordinator.

· Help the Logistic & Procurement Coordinator to consolidate and submit all Logistic & Procurement reports to SCA’s management and Donors.

Competencies & Skills

  • Strong organizational and administrative skills and the ability to decisions making independently and give appropriate judgments.
  • Analytical and logical thinking skills with the ability to understand the overall and detailed matters well.
  • High skills in communication.
  • High ability to deal with procurement applications & systems. Excel Expert
  • Technical experience in procurement of NGOs.
  • Experience in an emergency situation
  • High skills in negotiation and problem-solving.
  • Advanced Turkish language is High preferred
  • English is upper-intermediate.


Bachelor of business administration, procurement and logistics or any related field plus 4 years’ experience in the technical field, including (2 years in the field of humanitarian organizations)

How to apply

If you interested applicant for the position, please email your resume and cover letter as a single document with a subject line containing:

TR-PO-21-398- Procurement Officer

to [email protected]

Please kindly be informed that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Closing date for applications: 10/04/2021.

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