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The Karen Human Rights Group (KHRG) is a grassroots, Karen-led human rights organisation established in Karen State in 1992 and now operating across rural southeast Burma/Myanmar. KHRG works with villagers in rural Burma/Myanmar to strengthen their ability to claim their human rights; documents their human rights situation; and conducts local and international advocacy. With over twenty-eight years of experience, KHRG has been twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2013, KHRG was the recipient of the Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award. More information about us and our work is available online at

The Programme Support Officer position is a full-time salaried post based in Thailand. KHRG prefers to receive more applicants who are already in Thailand. The selected candidate is expected to start as soon as possible and should be prepared to commit at least two years to KHRG. As a locally-led organisation, KHRG continually works to build the skills and confidence of local staff to drive forward KHRG’s work in all areas.

KHRG’s Programme Management Team takes primary responsibility for the organisation’s project-cycle management, financial management and fundraising/donors management, IT and security data management. In recent years, strong progress has been made to strengthen these core processes in a way that has made them more effective, sustainable and locally-led. KHRG seeks a Programme Support Officer to maintain and build on this progress.

KHRG operates on a consensus basis and the position-holder will largely work as part of a small team, thus team-working skills and participatory approaches are essential. Applicants should also be highly motivated, able to work with little supervision, and should have experience working with local organisations to make effective interventions to improve the lives of local people. A strong commitment to helping rural people claim their human rights is essential.

Main Responsibilities

Fundraising and Grant Management

  1. Implement KHRG’s fundraising strategy and develop the strategy where necessary. This may include securing funding from international and local donor organizations, private and individual major donors and small donations.
  2. Prepare funding proposals in cooperation with other staff and search for new funding opportunities for the organization. Develop new relationships with new donors.
  3. Correspond with Grant Manager to maintain and build relationships with donors by monitoring responses, proactively communicating successes and needs, and ensuring report deadlines are met.
  4. Correspond with Grant Manager to liaise with project staff to understand project objectives, plans and budgets. Ensure yearly funding proposals are available and up-to-date for each project.
  5. Attend donor meetings both in Myanmar and Thailand as needed. Write donor meeting reports and provide an update to all staff during management meetings regarding donor information and any changes that occur during the donor’s funding period.
  6. Support the Programme Director for the coordination and facilitation of KHRG’s strategy meeting, with a specific emphasis on realising KHRG’s strategic priorities.
  7. Support the M&E team to ensure that an appropriate and functioning Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) system is in place. Gather relevant information through monitoring activities and address any problems that may arise.

Financial Management **

  1. Develop the organization budget and assist teams and staff with drafting their respective budgets
  2. Assist Finance Manager and Program Director in designing, reviewing, and enforcing financial policies
  3. Develop the budget proposals in coordination with the Grant Manager and Finance Manager

Additional Responsibilities

  1. Build the capacity of the local staff in KHRG’s Programme Management Team to enhance in their professional skills and implement the programme activities effectively in project cycle management, fundraising and financial management and human resources management
  2. Assist local staff with tasks that require native-level English language skills, including writing, editing text and interpreting technical language.

Person specification


Previous Experience:

  1. Significant previous work with a community-based organisation working on grassroots issues.
  2. Two years of experience using and developing project-cycle management systems, including monitoring and evaluation.
  3. Two years of experience managing relationships with institutional donors and writing proposals and donor reports.
  4. Experience in building the skills and confidence of staff within a local organisation.

Skills and abilities:

  1. Native (preferable) or fluent as in written and spoken English.
  2. Ability to make complex work tasks understandable and accessible.
  3. Ability to organise work to meet deadlines whilst delivering capacity building objectives.
  4. Comprehensive computer skills including MS office and data security.
  5. Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively.

Knowledge and personal qualities:

  1. Commitment to the effectiveness of locally-led human rights work.
  2. Motivation, creativity and an ability to recognise underlying systemic issues that contribute to successes and challenges.
  3. Appreciation for inclusive decision-making processes and participatory approaches.
  4. Understanding of the requirements of donor organisations.
  5. Understanding of challenges faced by local organisations in Burma/Myanmar.


  1. Previous work with a local organisation working on issues in Burma/Myanmar.
  2. Knowledge of the current situation in Burma/Myanmar, especially in relation to rural Karen or other ethnic communities.

Salary and Benefits

KHRG offers a competitive local salary. Initial salary will be based on experience and skill level, rising over time commensurate with performance. KHRG has an egalitarian salary structure between local and expatriate staff. The position includes 4 weeks per year of paid vacation leave. KHRG will cover visa costs during the period of work as well as the cost of accommodation for the first seven days after arrival in the working location. Other benefits can be discussed with applicants who are shortlisted for the position.

How to apply

Applications should include a cover letter (max one page) stating why the applicant is interested in the position and their relevant experience along with a detailed CV (max two pages) with at least two references contact list. Referees will not be contacted without notifying the applicant in advance. Please send applications to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Programme Support Officer – Application 2021’. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until a suitable candidate is selected. If you experience technical difficulties with your application submission, please email [email protected]

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