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Afghanistan Value chain – High value chains (AVC-HVC)


Raisin Processing Consultant

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April 10, 2021 – April 30, 2021

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1. Project Background:

The AVC-HVC project works with anchor firms nationwide to reverse market failures, strengthen backward and forward linkages, drive growth, and create jobs for men, women, and youth along the fruit and nuts, high-value horticulture, spices, and medicinal crops value chains. The Project contributes positive and measurable impacts to the sectors and will ensure that local market actors are involved at every stage of the value chain.

As part of the support provided to anchor firms partnering with the project, AVC-HVC will co-invest in the procurement of agro-processing machinery on a 50/50 basis, with a maximum contribution of $50,000 by the project. The implementation of this activity has suffered numerous delays, mainly resulting from the firms’ misguided perceptions about agro-processing needs and widespread distrust of modern processing technology, specifically for raisins, resulting in unrealistic machinery specifications and reluctance to invest. This underscores the need for an 8-hour online training for firm owners and project staff on the specifics of raisin processing, followed by a short-period of remote technical assistance.

2. Role’s Purpose:

Raisin processing consultant will produce a tailor-made training manual on raisin processing, slide decks and deliver 8 hours of online training, divided in two days, to owners of raisin trading companies and project personnel. The emphasis of the training will be on post-harvest handling and processing of different varieties of raisins for further process, for confectionary and for final consumption as snacks. The consultant will also support project procurement staff to develop technical specifications designed to address the specific requirements of Afghan raisins (size, shape, drying methods, etc.), as well as recommend suitable types of processing equipment and manufacturers.

3. Objectives and Duties

a) Consult with project personnel on the current state and challenges of raisin trading companies

b) Structure the outline of the training manual

c) Upon approval of the outline by AVC-HVC, produce the training manual and slide decks in English and, if necessary, work with project staff to translate them to Dari or Pashto.

d) Deliver eight hours of online training, with graphics, pictures and open source videos

e) Answer questions of the participants and record issues raised

f) Prepare a report summarizing domestic processing challenges, proposed solutions, suitable equipment by raisin type and recommended equipment suppliers. Provide 10 days of remote technical assistance to project personnel and agro-processing/trading firms, following a structured approach managed by AVC-HVC

4. Qualifications

· Degree in food engineering, industrial engineering, agronomy, or similar field

· Ten years of experience in raisin processing for the international markets

· Evidence of teaching/capacity development skills

· Experience working in multicultural environments

How to apply

Please apply directly at the following link – https://phf.tbe.taleo.net/phf04/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=DAINC&cw…

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