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Hedayah was established in 2012 as the International Center of Excellence for Countering Violent Extremism (CVE). It serves as the premier international institution for capacity building, dialogue and communication, and research to counter violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations, in support of long-term, global efforts to prevent and counter-terrorism.

The Center’s mandate focuses on three core areas:

Dialogue and Communications: Collaborates with national and local actors, CSOs, researchers, and community leaders to foster dialogue, create messaging campaigns, as well as expertise in developing and implementing communications strategies.

Capacity Building Programs: Conducts collaborative training and builds practical tools to enhance the capacities of government and non-government partners to design and implement effective policies, programs, and projects to counter violent extremism.

Research and Analysis: Collects and delivers CVE knowledge resources as well as conducts and commissions new research to gain a deeper understanding of the drivers of violent extremism, and which approaches are effective in countering it.

General Function

This project aims to explore the necessary steps and measures that governments in the MENA region have applied to address the threat of violent extremism and terrorism by introducing specifically designated entities dedicated to CVE and terrorism efforts in the region. Hedayah will engage with these entities and organizations to explore lessons learned, best practices and challenges that they have experienced in their work.

The research consultant will be a part of a team to conduct semi-structured interviews from particular entities and organizations in at least two countries from the following list: (1) Saudi Arabia; (2) the United Arab Emirates; (3) Bahrain; (4) Oman; (5) Kuwait; (6) Jordan; (7) Egypt; (8) Tunisia; and (9) Morocco.

As part of the interview team, the Research Consultant will be the subject-matter expert (SME) for the given countries to support the collection of data through interviews. As local and trusted experts, the Research Consultants will help facilitate a better conversation during the interview phase with local CVE and CT organizations, governments, and/or any other stakeholder. The Research Analysis and Capacity Building departments are responsible for establishing the point of contact in each country through its principal investigator.

Priority will be given to candidates who can demonstrate professional and relevant networks in at least two countries.

Key Responsibilities

· Participate in the training session for conducting semi-structured interviews;

· Conduct desk research on relevant institutions and countries on CVE;

· Coordinate schedule for the interviews in their assigned countries;

· Transcribe interviews and translate interview transcripts from Arabic into English (using software);

· Contribute to draft report based on guidance from the principal investigator of the project;

· Develop theories about the best practices, lessons learned, and challenges grounded in the gathered data;

· Categorize and code transcripts based on emerging patterns and themes, and draft progress reports as required;

· Manage excellent stakeholder relationships throughout the delivery of the project (this could include government, NGOs, non-state actors, etc.);

· Participate in regular calls with Hedayah’s Research and Analysis department (more frequent if required);

· Support the writing and analysis of sections of the final deliverables of the project;

· Manage time effectively to meet tasks within budgeted time;

· Meet program deliverables on time.


· At least 3-5 years of related professional experience and expertise in Qualitative Research, Report Writing, International Relations, Security Studies, Political Science, Sociology, (with preference given to experience on P/CVE and or CT);

· Experience in conducting expert interviews and managing excellent stakeholder relations;

· Area knowledge and strong network ties with governments, academics, and/or think tanks related to CT/CVE issues in two or more of the following countries: (1) Saudi Arabia; (2) the United Arab Emirates; (3) Bahrain; (4) Oman; (5) Kuwait; (6) Jordan; (7) Egypt; (8) Tunisia; and (9) Morocco.


M.A. or Ph.D. in International Development, International Relations, Defence, Security and/or Counter-Terrorism/CVE Studies, Peace Studies, Sociology or related field.

Key Skills

· Excellent oral and written communication skills;

· Fluent in oral and written English and Arabic;

· Demonstrated ability to work on projects that involve data consolidation through qualitative research methods (i.e interviews);

· Ability to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders including government officials, policymakers, community leaders and actors, NGOs, practitioners, and experts;

· Able to work independently, as well as within a team;

· Ability to meet deadlines under pressure;

· Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and video conferencing such as WebEx;

· Demonstrated ability to work in an international, multi-cultural and professional environment as a crucial member of a team;

· Demonstrated organizational skills and ability to achieve results in a timely manner;

· Self-motivated, flexible, creative, and able to work independently to find solutions.


· Part-time and home-based consultancy for a maximum duration of 6 months. Working days will be limited;

· Compensation commensurate with experience;

· The recruit shall start in June 2021;

· This position is subject to final budget approval by the donor;

· The consultancy contract will be deliverable-based.

How to apply

To Apply

Send a short cover letter and CV to [email protected] no later than 20 April 2021 with the following subject: “Research Consultant (MENA region).”

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