Senior Humanitarian Technical Coordinator (Expat/TCN) At Lutheran World Relief


The Senior Humanitarian Technical Coordinator role will be to build strong on the ground relationships, reputation and ensure humanitarian response quality is meeting international standards. In acute emergencies, this position will be deemed to play a senior role leading the regional and country response (team leader) and coordinating business development or external representation needs as deemed necessary within the WARO region. Supported by the Regional Representative for Strategic Partnerships, represents Corus International (LWR and IMA respectively) in select strategic Humanitarian fora at the regional and country level and builds relationships with the key humanitarian actors.

In close collaboration with the Regional Representative for Strategic Partnerships maintains the regional “outlook” on key humanitarian issues pertinent to the country-specific contexts and humanitarian needs. As part of the endeavor, supports HA team in producing global “Watchlist” with key data fed from relevant WARO humanitarian specifics and needs.

He/she will 1) support the Country directors in WARO region in contributing to the regional and country-based Humanitarian planning led by the UN or other key counterparts and is a regional voice of Corus’s core sectors and capacities in the UN Cluster (or equivalent) country-based or regional conversations, 2) work with the HA, Regional and country teams to define select partnerships at the regional and country level and pursues negotiations, due diligence process as well as a subsequent MoU (or alternative) forms of sealing the relationship. This may vary from signing up for the Consortia membership to strategic alliances and more, 3) serve as a senior Humanitarian Advisor and a focal point for the humanitarian programs including program design, implementation and evaluation, 4) advise the country team(s) on the core Humanitarian sectoral approaches in close collaboration with the HQ Humanitarian Assistance team (HQ) and other relevant stakeholders in QUIL department; 5) be in close collaboration with the HA HQ team, sources technical expertise in-country as well as globally and supports the operations in recruitment, procurement and logistics as necessary; serve as a Team leader and a deployable resource for the start-up and implementation of the humanitarian and emergency response projects and works closely with the HA team to ensure the programming complies with the key humanitarian standards.

The Senior Humanitarian Technical Coordinator will work closely with the Regional Representative for Strategic Partnerships, HA HQ team and other stakeholders in the Business Development department for the development of the WARO regional business development strategy.

On behalf of the HA HQ team, he /she will lead specific opportunities (capture / scoping, concept notes, proposals) and identification of the technical and sectoral inputs and sources such support in close collaboration with the HA/ regional and QUIL teams.


Education: Master’s degree in a field relevant to international development, or Bachelor’s degree with equivalent combination is required.

Experience: Minimum 7 years of experience in international humanitarian and development programs including with a primary focus on business development (i.e. positioning, capture, proposal development, and donor/partner negotiations). Project implementation and management in West African countries preferred.

Language: Professional level written and spoken English and French language is needed. Language capacities will be assessed during the interview process.


  • Deep commitment to the organization’s core values and ability to model those values in relationships with colleagues and
  • Knowledge of the humanitarian field and advanced demonstrated capacity.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the key donor principles and strategies.
  • Demonstrated strong knowledge of key issues (e.g. global humanitarian commitments or trends, transitions and evolution of key topis (e.g. localization, cash, good donorship, etc)
  • Demonstrated ability to mount operational response and work effectively in ambiguous situations.
  • Demonstrated experience or knowledge of working with the local structures (including liaising with the national and local governments).

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