YOUTH PROGRAMING STIUDIES At Norwegian Refugee Council

The lines of inquiry linked to the study are described below;

Assessing youth vulnerability/risks;

· What are the most urgent issues, and general risks (economic, social, political, technological, environmental and legal) for different categories of youth in different parts of South Sudan?

· What are the capacities (assets, coping strategies) and competencies among youth, including skills and resources?

· Which specific constraints (resource constraints and others) do the different categories of youth face in the different parts of South Sudan?

Review of past youth empowerment models;

· What type of youth-targeted programming – with a focus on livelihoods, education, social engagement and protection programming have been conducted in the targeted areas? What has worked in promoting resilience of youth and what has not worked?

· Who are the main stakeholders / implementers of youth livelihoods, education, social engagement and protection programming in the targeted areas? What is their level of experience and capacity? What gaps exist?

Analysing the policy environment;

· What do the normative and institutional provide for regarding youth issues?

· To what extent do the existing regulations and policies facilitate comprehensive youth development? What are the constraints?

· Which government institutions have a direct focus on supporting youth development and how? How effective are they?

Opportunities for youth participation;

· To which extent do the youth contribute to the economy? What are typical youth development and empowerment strategies that exist?

What factors facilitate or prevent youth from attaining meaningful participation in initiatives geared towards their own development, including governance?

NRC seeks expressions of interest from people with the following skills/qualifications

· Highly knowledgeable about youth development, youth engagement and leadership, employment, youth education (including curriculum development) entrepreneurship, microfinance, livelihoods, and/or related programming

· 6 years of experience in conducting research in youth programming or any other relevant field is essential

· Demonstrated experience with quantitative and qualitative research, project designs, database management, statistical data analysis and to synthesize large amounts of new information into concise, accurate, user-friendly reports.

· Excellent verbal and written communication skills

· Computer skills (word processing, spreadsheets, statistical analysis software application, internet research, etc.)

· Fluency in English, both written and verbal (mandatory for team leader at minimum)

· Team members fluent in local languages including Arabic (Juba Arabic)

Prior experience in South Sudan would be an added advantage

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