AVSI Venezuela is a Venezuelan non-profit organization, created in 2022, to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of people who live in vulnerable situations. We are a local organization linked to the international context, through a partnership with the AVSI Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit organization that supports 329 development cooperation projects in 39 countries, with headquarters in Italy, which operates in Venezuela from 2000 and which promoted the creation of AVSI Venezuela.

The WFP Food Assistance and Livelihoods Program in Venezuela seeks to reduce the negative coping strategies of vulnerable groups and households, improve their food security through food delivery assistance and training in income-generating skills.


With this announcement, AVSI Venezuela selects four (4) Monitoring Consultants responsible for carrying out and ensuring the quality of data collection exercises, within the framework of the Program, following WFP corporate guidelines. The team of enumerators will be in charge of updating the beneficiary registry, conducting the results survey and various collection activities established by WFP.

3.Description of functions

  • In charge of data collection exercises, according to WFP corporate guidelines.
  • Ensure the quality of data collected in the field.
  • Contribute to the achievement of the goals established by WFP regarding the number of surveys to be carried out and the number of schools to be visited for beneficiary registration exercises, beneficiary registration updates, surveys on food security results indicators and other information collection exercises. that may be required, in accordance with the guidelines, technical norms and quality standards of WFP.
  • Contribute to ensuring that data collected in the field is correctly uploaded to the WFP corporate platform.
  • Know how to use WFP corporate tools in the implementation of data collection exercises.
  • Timely report technical-operational problems that may arise during the surveys and propose solutions to manage them, in coordination with the monitoring coordinator and the WFP team.
  • Ensure the proper management of the technological equipment provided by WFP for conducting surveys.
  • Comply with WFP corporate standards regarding beneficiary data protection.

4.Key requirements and qualifications

  • Education: Students/Interns with interest in developing technical and social skills.
  • Experience: Experience in data collection and digitization. Management of interview techniques.

5.Knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • Respect for humanitarian principles.
  • Willingness and interest in participating in the training processes dictated by WFP.
  • Communication and leadership skills.
  • Empathy.
  • Experience in data collection and digitization.
  • Adaptability to the conditions and dynamics of field work.
  • Interest and commitment to remain in the monitoring team.
  • Understanding of the principle of confidentiality regarding information shared by participants and beneficiaries.

6.Work coordination

The Monitoring Consultants will respond directly to the Monitoring Coordinator and the State Coordinator, based on the guidelines issued by the LATEAM Regional office, the Headquarters in Italy of the AVSI Foundation and the Program. World Food Program (WFP).

7.Type of contract

  • Temporary contract, to work specific days per month that will be communicated in advance.
  • Start date: from June 2024.


The AVSI Venezuela Foundation will have an office to support and monitor the program in Coro, Falcón, which is why residing in the area is highly desirable. Knowledge of the territory will be valued.

How to apply

Those interested must send their curricular summary in Spanish to the email [email protected] until May 21 at 5:00 p.m. (Venezuela time). The email must contain the subject “CV TdR 013/2024 Consulting Personnel for Monitoring – AVSI Falcón”.