Terms of Reference for a Fundraising Hands on Expert in CSOs in Africa


Africa Platform for Social Protection (APSP) is a pan African based CSO with a secretariat based in Nairobi Kenya and works with a network of organizations/Platforms in 27 Countries in Africa clustered in five regions :- North Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa and East Africa .

APSP with partners are actively advocating for the expansion of social protection coverage on the continent and ratification of the AU protocol on Social Protection and Social Security in line with AU Agenda 2063. In view of this, APSP is scaling up resource mobilization strategies to match the increasing programing needs.


The current and most common funding mechanism by competition/call for proposals is not yielding much results despite investments in coalitions and in production of quality proposals. There is a need to review, diversify and align with the changing realities.

Methodology and Deliverables

 Virtual kick-off meeting with key Secretariat staff to enable the consultant know more about the assignment and clarify any questions that may exist

 Undertake an online/desk review donor mapping exercise and create a list of potential funders in Social protection in North Africa,Central Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa and East Africa.

 Provide an analysis of the donor funding patterns in Africa in the last five years and use this to provide future funding scenarios in different regions and countries in Africa

 Strengthen the capacity of the APSP secretariat and regional representatives in fundraising through jointly learning by doing in the application of emerging funding opportunities

Duration of Assignment and Expectation

The Consultant is expected to undertake the assignment with the highest standards of professional and ethical considerations, competence and integrity. He/she/they is expected to deliver the outputs in a most effective and efficient manner

The duration will be phased out/staggered in stages Reporting The Consultant will report to the Executive Director of APSP or the representative.

Success Factors

A move towards the $one million funding plan /links by end of 2024/2025.


The consultant must possess the following qualifications:

 An advanced university degree with at least eight (8) years’ experience in CSO fundraising/resource mobilization

 Good knowledge and hands on experience of major funders in International development in different regions of Africa (good understanding of geo-funding landscape in Africa regions)

 Understands donor behaviour, fundraising trends, and effective approaches to securing financial support.

 The candidate should speak fluent English and have exceptional proposal development experience  Understanding of French language is desirable

How to apply

Interested candidacies to apply through [email protected]

Please attach your CV relevant experience, methodology, rates and an indicative duration of the assignment by 31st May 2024.