USAID’s Global Health Security (GHS) portfolio works to strengthen countries’ multisectoral
capacities to reduce the risk and impact of emerging and reemerging disease threats that are of
greatest public health concern. The program emphasizes country capacity building and systems
strengthening in a series of critical health security technical areas including: zoonotic diseases
prevention and control, national laboratory systems, infectious disease surveillance, health
workforce, risk communication and community engagement, infection prevention and control,
and antimicrobial resistance. These capacities are multisectoral in nature, including the public
health, animal health, and environmental sectors in a One Health approach. Activities are
implemented at the national, subnational, and community levels. GHS embraces the One Health
approach, recognizing the critical role that wildlife, livestock, other domestic animals, and the
environment play in emerging zoonotic diseases with epidemic and pandemic potential and
antimicrobial resistance.