Dear Potential Offeror,

SoCha LLC is pleased to announce this Request for Proposals (RFQ) under its Localization, Inclusion, and Sustainability Activity (LISA) RFP NO. 008/2024 – Translation and Transcription Services.

This document contains:

  • Synopsis of the RFP that lists deadlines and contact information;
  • Section 1 that contains the Statement of Work, including technical requirements, deliverables and responses expected.
  • Section 2 provides important information about this bid, including submission instructions.

We appreciate your firm’s interest in working with SoCha and look forward to receiving a proposal.

Thank you.

LISA Procurement Team

Localization, Inclusion and Sustainability Activity (LISA)

Synopsis of the RFP

RFP No. – 008/2024

Issue Date – May 31, 2024

Title – RFP NO. 008/2024 – Localization, Inclusion, and Sustainability Activity (LISA)_Translation and Transcription Services.

Site visit – N/A

Email Address for Submission of Proposal – [email protected]

Email Subject- RFP NO. 008/2024 – Localization, Inclusion, and Sustainability Activity (LISA) Translation and Transcription Services.

Deadline for Receipt of questions – 17:30 (5:30 PM) East Africa Time on Tuesday 4th June 2024 to: [email protected]

Deadline for Receipt of proposals – 17:00 (5.00 PM) East Africa Time on Friday 7th June 2024. Bids received after the specified deadline will not be considered.

Anticipated Award Type – Firm Fixed Price Subcontract

Anticipated Period of Performance – June 2024 – August 2024

Evaluation Criteria:

Stage 1: Mandatory eligibility evaluation:

The contractor must comply with the eligibility requirements mentioned below:

  1. The contractor must have experience of at least Five (5) years industry experience.
  2. The Contractor must provide audited financial statements for last two years.
  3. The Contract must provide Certificate of registration, Tax Compliance certificate.
  4. The contractor must provide 3 references and contact information.

Stage 2: Technical Evaluation

The contractor must obtain a technical score of 50 per cent or more to qualify for the financial evaluation stage. Failing to secure minimum marks will lead to technical rejection of bid. Therefore, Contractors who achieve this score or higher will proceed to the financial bid evaluation.

Stage 3: Cost Evaluation

After the technical scores have been determined, the financial bid evaluation will be ranked. In the final evaluation, proposals will be ranked according to their combined technical and financial scores using the weights given to the technical proposal and the weight given to the financial score. The bidders achieving the highest combined technical and financial score will be invited for negotiations.

How to apply

For full RFP details please Download (PDF)and use the following link: