Job Purpose:

The post holder is responsible for the maintenance and continuous improvement of MALSE Monitoring and Evaluation process, procedures, tools and knowledge transfer to partner organizations In his/her role, will be responsible to implement systems, processes and tools that ensure quality, consistency and best practices in planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, accountability, and learning Particular attention will be given to ensure that the MALSE programs and activities, either directly implemented or operationalized through local partners, are in compliance with MEAL policies and procedures, donor/partner requirements and legal regulations.

Key Accountabilities:

MEAL Leadership, Information Management, Data Knowledge

  1. Responsible for the maintenance of the MALSE MEAL Database:
    1. Beneficiaries tracking: ensure full trackability of the resources allocated to individuals, households and communities
    2. Activities tracking” ensure timely record of activities planned, implemented and completed by MALSE and its partners
    3. Maintenance of country dataset, including p-Coded settlements, administrative boundaries, transportation infrastructure and other dataset from sources such as the Myanmar Information Management Unit (MIMU), UNOCHA, UNHCR, IOM, MAT, EXERA
    4. Develop and implement data collection techniques high quality of questionnaires and tools, including working with external service providers to develop other relevant information management systems
    5. Develop monitoring systems, ensuring that programme information database is managed effectively and assist other teams to use the system correctly.
  2. Responsible for the execution of MEAL-related analysis:
    1. Conduct data-consistency analysis on database to ensure they can be utilized for decision-making and reporting purposes
    2. Develop scientifically-sounded method to deal with missing data in dataset
    3. Perform correlation analysis among dataset to identify potential double-counting and outliers
    4. Perform spatial analysis on dataset to calculate basic spatial layers such as buffer, intersect and dissolve
    5. Design composite indicators with scientifically-sounded methodology
    6. Design Risk indicators for program activities
  3. Design and implement a system to identify, analyse, document evaluation results and disseminate lessons learned from programme and project activities with all relevant staff and ensure that lessons from evaluations are incorporated into the development of new projects and programmes.
  4. Responsible for the periodic maintenance of the country data system such as Tolodata
  5. Ensure data-consistency in documentation of Programme learning initiatives and outcomes (case studies, photos, lessons learnt, most significant change stories, etc)

    MEAL Reporting and consistency with MEAL Policy and Procedures

  6. Design MEAL systems, processes and tools that ensure quality, consistency and best practices in planning, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, accountability and learning.
  7. Provides oversight and ensure robust MEAL activities are planned and undertaken as part of all programme/project implementation, and that evidence of impact is documented and disseminated to relevant stakeholders.
  8. Ensure that the design and implementation of projects by MALSE and its partners complies with all relevant MEAL policies and procedures, donor/partner requirements and legal regulations.
  9. Proactively discuss emerging issues from project progress and evaluation reports to offer effective solutions, and coordinate the development and follow up of action plans.
  10. Tailor MEAL tools and practices to the Myanmar country context, while ensuring consistency with HQ’s MEAL policy.
  11. Provide support in the preparation and/or review of draft proposals, reports, and other programme/project related documents
  12. Provide support to the Executive Director in the development of sustainable programmes and quality proposals targeting institutional funding, using participatory approaches that involve all relevant stakeholders, ensuring that these are in line with HQ and thematic objectives.
  13. Monitor project progress, ensuring that implementation is in harmony with the project/programme specific operational plans, and report regularly on all activities.
  14. Ensure of makes an input in monthly or quarterly reporting on time and to meet the deadline.
  15. Ensure timely submission of high-quality reports
  16. Engage with external evaluators as required
  17. Provide MEAL input to evaluation processes, including liaising with external stakeholders and service providers, creating terms of reference and evaluation guidelines, and ensure that baseline studies are conducted for all projects and that information is stored for future use.
  18. Compile country monitoring data into clear reports for internal and external audiences, which reflect activities, outputs, and outcomes, provide accountability, and demonstrate impact.
  19. Develop and coordinate an overall framework and calendar (including guidelines and procedures) for Myanmar project and program monitoring and evaluation, ensuring that all project MEAL plans, and log frames align with the overall Myanmar country office strategic planning.
  20. Analyse data to track project and programme progress against agreed targets and log-frames.

    MEAL in localization of action through local partners

  21. Represent MALSE MEAL Department at consortiums, key forums/events and build credibility of MALSE through visibility of its MEAL services and programmatic work.
  22. Proactively build a good network of key contacts in the MEAL sector including primary data providers, secondary data providers, other MEAL units in donors, UN agencies and NGOs
  23. Ensure compliance of MALSE Partners with all organizational policies, procedures, in country legal and regulatory requirements
  24. Proactively identify gap in partners capacity to operate MEAL in compliance with the organization policy and procedure and provide recommendations to fill such gaps


  25. Experience in managing safeguarding and compliant reporting
  26. Ensure all safeguarding guidelines are implemented and compliance as per the policy.
  27. Ensure team members are aware and understands safeguarding policies, procedure, Internal & External partnership management.


  28. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of MEAL tools, techniques, and approaches.
  29. Champion our values and nurture a growing culture of transparency and accountability at MALSE
  30. Ensure that all activities are carried out without putting children at risk of abuse, harm, or exploitation
  31. Integrate gender-sensitive and inclusive approaches into all programming, ensuring that activities promote girls’ participation in a way that does not put them at risk and that children with disabilities are included in an appropriate way
  32. Travel to the field as required, Conduct spot checks on activities or travel/field visits
  33. Provide ongoing direct technical support and capacity building to partners and country staff (as needed)
  34. Contribute to the development of MEAL guidance, SOP, processes that that strengthen project delivery and accountability.
  35. Coordinate and facilitate end of project evaluation processes in line with DAC criteria.
  36. Perform any other duties commensurate with the accountabilities of the post.

For more detial:

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How to apply

HOW TO APPLY Submit your cover letter and resume/CV to following email:

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Application will be accepted until 23rd May