Position based in Dakar with 25 to 30% of the time in the field.

This Desk covers the following countries: the Central African Republic (CAR), Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso.


  • He/she is part of the Operations team. He/she is under the hierarchical responsibility of the Desk Program Manager
  • He/she works in close collaboration with the other members of the Desk
  • He/she works transversally with the medical service and with all departments: financial, HR, logistics, dev, communication and donors.
  • He/she collaborates with members of the ALIMA country coordinations of the missions covered by Desk 2
  • He/she is responsible for the functional supervision and training of medical coordinators.


The medical desk manager has a triple function, he/she:

  • Is responsible for defining the medical objectives of mission programs;
  • Ensures monitoring and provides medical support to the fields for the implementation of projects;
  • Is the medical referent in monitoring staff health.

In addition, like any executive in the organization, and based on the practical questions he/she encounters, he/she contributes to reflection on the role of ALIMA and operational orientations.

Description of responsibilities:

1.Definition of the medical objectives of the projects:

The position of medical desk manager is central, given the medical nature of ALIMA’s operations. He she

  • Is on the front line in collaboration with the field to identify the medical needs of the populations and the medical issues to be advanced.
  • It therefore plays a major role in defining projects.
  • Must anticipate the evolution of projects by identifying interesting medical questions, avenues for moving them forward, knowing any new developments, evaluating feasibility, etc.
  • Is responsible for evaluating medical projects, identifying difficulties and must make reorientation proposals.
  • When a presented project is validated, he/she is responsible for verifying the medical objectives, medical indicators and medical budgets of the proposals. Thus, he/she participates in the drafting of project documents intended for ALIMA but also for donors.
  • Actively participates in desk meetings, updates and, at the request of the Director of Operations, presents medical issues to the management committee.
  • Knows the operational project, the medical ambitions of the association and the research objectives.
  • Defines and participates in the writing of pilot medical projects and must, to this end, follow the international medical context on the issues addressed by the projects, assisted in this task by the medical and research department.

2. Field support for project implementation:

The medical desk manager supports country teams in the implementation of projects. He she:

  • Ensures that the objectives, expected results, means and indicators are known by the field teams.
  • Supports the field in periodic analyzes of medical data from projects for better monitoring of their implementation.
  • Ensures regular monitoring of pathologies with epidemic potential in our countries of intervention and participates in proposing the response strategy in the event of an epidemic.
  • Ensures that the grounds have the necessary medical documentation, appropriate statistical and medical ordering tools.
  • Ensures the monitoring and evaluation of projects, identifies problems, proposes reorientations
  • Validates medical orders consistent with medical activity hypotheses and the decided budget.
  • Reads and responds to medical reports and medical portions of sitreps.
  • Verifies in interim and final reports that medical activities are correctly described.
  • Orients the field on the staff health policy.

3. Responsible for monitoring medical executives:

  • Participates in and validates the recruitment of the mission’s medical coordinator in agreement with the head of the partner NGO (all executives of the joint project – ALIMA or partner NGO must be validated by both parties).
  • Supervises and supports the medical coordinator. He/she establishes objectives together with the CDM and contributes to the evaluation once a year (minimum) with his/her line managers (CDM and/or manager of the partner NGO).
  • Ensures the briefing and debriefing of ALIMA medical and paramedical executives and partner NGOs in the various areas.
  • Identifies potential and participates in developing a path for certain medical executives with the HR manager.

4. Participates in reflections on ALIMA’s strategic orientations:

The medical desk manager must reflect on the role of ALIMA, its positioning, its construction, its objectives, etc. He/she plays a key role in ALIMA’s advocacy on important medical themes and participates in the various meetings organized on these subjects. He/she particularly leads discussions on medical issues.

5. Abuse prevention

  • Participate in training and awareness sessions
  • Apply standards relating to abuse prevention
  • Ensures that team members follow training and awareness sessions and apply standards relating to abuse prevention
  • Contributes to creating and maintaining a fulfilling and protective environment



  • Doctorate in medicine and registration with the medical order of his country of origin;
  • Specialization in public health or tropical medicine would be an asset.


  • Proven experience in a similar position or in coordination positions (Minimum 2 years);
  • Experience and good knowledge of humanitarian medical projects;
  • Experience in active emergency management and epidemic response would be an asset.
  • Experience in writing project proposals would be an asset.


  • Ability to problematize and summarize main medical topics and set priorities;
  • Ability to analyze medical data in relation to intervention strategies;
  • Ability to identify difficulties, anticipate risks and make recommendations;
  • Ability to optimize one’s position in line with the association’s objectives and resources;
  • Managerial abilities; organizational and negotiation skills; communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Skill in training, coaching and support of teams;
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • Autonomy and capacity for delegation;
  • Good writing skills.


  • Good command of French (written and spoken); English would be an asset.


Duration of the contract : Indefinite contract under Senegalese law; with trial period of 3 months renewable once, i.e. 6 months maximum. PLEASE NOTE THE PERSON IN THE POSITION WILL TRAVEL APPROXIMATELY 30% OF THE TIME

Starting position : summer 2024

Salary :

  • A gross monthly salary of 2,462,038 F CFA;
  • A travel allowance of 772,303 F CFA;
  • A housing allowance varying between 2 and 5% of the gross monthly salary depending on family composition for employees recruited internationally.

Other advantages

  • Five weeks of paid leave per year and recovery day system for field trips;
  • Two return trips per year to the supported country of residence, including 1 return trip per year for their beneficiaries;
  • Coverage of school fees for dependent children, within the framework of the ALIMA policy and ceilings in force;

If an international candidate (recruited internationally)

  • Housing allowance of 2 to 5% of gross depending on family composition;
  • Initial installation bonus in Dakar from an amount of €3,000, subject to change depending on family composition and according to the policy in force;
  • Additional health coverage and evacuation covered by ALIMA for the employee and their dependents.

How to apply

To apply, please send us on our online site before June 8, 2024 a CV in PDF format and a cover letter in which you describe the skills, experience and resources that you will bring to strengthen and develop the desk.

Applications are processed in order of arrival. ALIMA reserves the right to close the offer before the deadline initially indicated if an application is accepted. Only complete applications (CV in PDF format + Cover Letter) will be considered.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged.

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