Ayuda en Acción (AeA) is a Spanish development cooperation organization that has operated in Bolivia since 1991, under the terms established in a Basic Cooperation Framework Agreement signed with the Plurinational State of Bolivia. ( )

The institutional mission is “To promote the solidarity of people in a global world to encourage children, their families and populations that suffer poverty, exclusion and inequality, to develop their capacities to achieve their aspirations for a dignified life, in a sustainable way.” The institutional vision is “We aspire to a world without poverty, exclusion and inequality. A world where people help each other and can develop their capacities, fully enjoy their rights and participate through democratic channels in the decisions that affect their lives in order to be the protagonists of their own development.

The institutional cooperation strategy for 2030 in Bolivia focuses on 3 programs:

  • Quality Education whose objective is to develop technical, technological and productive skills in adolescents and young people, promoting production, employment and entrepreneurship.
  • Sustainable Value Chains, whose objective is to increase the income of the most vulnerable sectors (indigenous, peasants with emphasis on youth and women) by strengthening capacities, financial inclusion, innovation and environmental conditions to the development of inclusive, efficient and resilient value chains to climate change
  • Protection of the rights of children, adolescents and women whose objective is to reduce the incidence of situations of violence against children, adolescents and women and promote the strengthening of attitudes and practices typical of the culture of peace.

Its geographical intervention includes 3 territories: Inter-Andean Valleys (Potosí and Chuquisaca, Chaco (Tarija, Chuquisaca and Santa Cruz) and Amazonia (Beni).

Its financing includes its own funds, external funds from multilateral cooperation organizations and private funds.

Position objective:

Develop and ensure the implementation of the country’s strategy in their area of ​​responsibility, together with the National Director, direct the planning, execution and monitoring of cooperation, financing and MEAL programs according to the approved strategy and objectives. for the country and institutional priorities, to ensure the execution and impact of cooperation programs, obtaining public and private financing and the implementation of corporate methodologies on time, quality and budget. The impact director is part of the Program Unit and reports to the Country Director and the Regional Manager for South America at the AeA headquarters.

Main responsibilities:

  • Prepare, together with the Coordinators in their area, a proposed strategy and objectives in their area, taking into account the institutional, regional strategy and corporate priorities, provide strategic, technical and economic advice for its preparation; communicate it to your direct team, continuously monitor the degree of progress, identify internal or external variables that affect the country strategy or its implementation, periodically report to your manager the degree of progress, propose corrective measures in case of deviations both in its execution as in income, costs and margin of the projects or established objectives
  • Contribute to the identification and construction of strategic alliances,
  • Build a shared programmatic strategic vision and ensure the implementation and integration of the evidence-based theory of change, guaranteeing quality advice and support in the design and implementation of projects in accordance with the principles, standards and areas of impact.
  • Assist in the design and implementation of the external financing strategy, Identify public or private financiers, obtain strategic contacts, hold meetings with financiers, identify projects, coordinate or participate in their formulation, as well as reporting reports. of accounts required. Designate the country’s resources for the preparation of proposals requested by the areas of corporate financing,
  • Report to the person in charge and/or Financing (corporate) the map of identified financiers, the proposals to be presented or presented and the status of each call, as well as request collaboration or resources for the preparation of proposals.
  • Contribute to the development of strategic alliances with entities from the public and private spheres, in order to promote the financing of development projects and enhance the positioning of Ayuda en Acción in Bolivia.
  • Establish, together with your team of Coordinators, the budgets, operational plans and specific objectives of your functional areas based on the country’s strategy, objectives and budget and the approved corporate objectives and present them for validation by your manager.
  • Approve the planning of activities to be carried out by the Coordinators in the territories and in the National Office, carry out their monitoring and evaluation, advise and issue recommendations on technical, financial and management aspects, ensuring the consistency and integration of the territorial and sectoral intervention
  • Identify deviations, propose or approve corrective measures and report the degree of progress and measures to be adopted; periodically report, collaborate or coordinate the preparation of institutional and technical information, reviewing the quality and coherence of plans and budgets, as well as intermediate or final reports in collaboration with project managers/coordinators and administrative staff.
  • Request possible project modifications for approval; estimate expenses and identify treasury needs required in the execution of operations.
  • Identify, negotiate and supervise the activity of the actors implementing programs and projects; coordinate activities that allow the implementation of knowledge and its management.
  • Lead the relationship, articulation, monitoring and feedback with the co-implementing partners of the programs and projects we lead by AeA in Bolivia. Lead the identification of new initiatives and opportunities that respond to the identified needs of the country strategy, as well as design innovative initiatives to submit to calls for public and private donors.
  • Participate in networks, forums and relationships with national, international and government organizations and the media.
  • Participate in the regional Action Aid spaces for the exchange and design of proposals under the reference of the regional manager of South America
  • Dimension, together with Management, human resources needs (incorporations, promotions and dismissals); participate in the selection; identify and approve internal and external training needs and process the request for approval to the Country Management.
  • Ensure the dissemination of knowledge and the implementation of institutional methodologies or tools.
  • Establish the objectives of your direct team, supervise the distribution of objectives in the rest of the team; carry out the evaluation of your performance; identify key people in certain subjects and, if necessary, assign them to national or international transversal projects.
  • Accompany your direct team in their professional development and conflict resolution.
  • Ensure the dissemination and implementation of security plans and measures.
  • Lead and supervise the performance of one’s own functions and that of one’s team with transparency, integrity, control and quality, provide internal and external accountability reports in a timely manner, ensure compliance with all legal obligations and internal requirements and regulations. of the Organization


Knowledge and experience:

  • University studies in Social/Political Sciences and/or related.
  • Desirable postgraduate studies in the field of development, cooperation or humanitarian
  • Minimum 5 years of previous experience working with a recognized civil society organization.
  • Minimum 10 years of previous work experience in similar roles.
  • Demonstrable experience in project management and strategic design
  • Extensive knowledge of the Project cycle approach.
  • Extensive experience and demonstrable knowledge of financing opportunities and donors in Bolivia and demonstrable experience in accessing external financing, as well as in identifying and formulating proposals for national and international donors.
  • Experience in the development of strategic plans at the country level as well as their subsequent implementation and monitoring.
  • Advanced knowledge of Bolivian public institutions and the South American region.
  • Knowledge of development and humanitarian agencies and their policies and strategies.


  • Spanish as mother tongue.
  • Medium/Advanced English

Geographical mobility

  • Yes, National and International.

Skills and competencies:

  • Ability to communicate and build and maintain effective relationships with the Organization’s human team and with external partners
  • Results orientation and strategic design
  • Rigor both in the quality of the information and in compliance with the established deadlines
  • Analytical capacity
  • Teamwork
  • Flexibility
  • Proactivity and dynamism
  • Assertiveness in communication

Offer conditions:

  • Immediate incorporation
  • Contract duration: indefinite
  • Time: Full time (40 hours per week).
  • Work Center: La Paz, Bolivia.
  • Remuneration/Salary in accordance with Ayuda en Acción’s remuneration policy.


In all selection processes, the criterion of NO discrimination based on sex, race, skin color, religion, political ideas, social origin, sexual orientation, age, etc. will be taken into account, providing a transparent process and equal opportunities for all. candidates, as stated in our Code of Conduct. “Treating all people with respect and rejecting any type of harassment, discrimination, intimidation, exploitation or any other action against Human Rights.”

How to apply

Sign up at the following link: