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Overview of position:
Yemen is currently facing one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises, impacting access to basic services like healthcare. A critical aspect of this crisis is the lack of reliable energy, especially in healthcare facilities. This hinders the delivery of essential medical services & jeopardizes patient well being. The “renewable energy improve access to health services & livelihood opportunities (HEAL)” project, funded by the Kuwait fund for Arab economic development, aims to address these challenges. Implemented by our client, the HEAL project focuses on five governorates: Aden, Lahj, Abyan, Sana’a & Hajjah. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects the HEAL project targets:
Improved access to energy in health facilities: By installing solar power systems in hospitals, the project aims to ensure uninterrupted healthcare delivery & reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuels.
Enhanced livelihood opportunities for women & youth: The project will explore & promote economic empowerment models that utilize solar micro grids, creating income generation opportunities.
Strengthened resilience of conflict affected communities: Through improved healthcare services & sustainable livelihoods, the project aims to bolster the ability of communities to cope with ongoing challenges.

This project is expected to benefit over 200,000 people, including women & youth, by improving their access to healthcare & creating new economic opportunities. Within the framework of the HEAL project, a national consultant will play a crucial role in:
Ensuring the quality & functionality of laboratory equipment provided to four hospitals in Mathna, Hajjah, Abyan & Lahj within the framework of the HEAL project.
To contribute to the successful implementation of the HEAL project by verifying the quality of delivered equipment.
To ultimately improve healthcare service delivery for targeted communities by ensuring access to functional laboratory equipment.

Role objectives:
Conduct a comprehensive review & analysis of bidding documents, technical specifications & procurement procedures for laboratory equipment.
Evaluate adherence to established by our client & WHO standards & identify any potential discrepancies or deviations.
Participate (remotely if necessary) in pre shipment inspections of the equipment at the supplier’s facilities to verify conformity with agreed upon specifications.
Travel to location & hospital site may be required based on final agreement.
Conduct rigorous on site inspections of the delivered equipment at the designated hospitals. This will involve verifying the equipment’s functionality, technical specifications & conformity with our client / WHO procurement guidelines & established safety protocols.
Prepare detailed reports on the inspections, outlining any discrepancies or deviations from the specifications.
Develop clear & actionable recommendations for corrective actions, if necessary.
Maintain meticulous records of all inspections, findings & communication with relevant stakeholders throughout the process.
Foster a collaborative working environment by effectively interacting with the project team, suppliers & hospital staff to ensure a smooth & efficient process.

Key deliverables:
Report on the review of bidding documents & procurement procedures.
On site inspection reports for each hospital.
Recommendations for corrective actions (if needed).
Final quality assurance report summarizing all findings.

Project reporting:
The consultant will work under the direct supervision of the HEAL National Coordinator & in close cooperation with Administrative Associate, HEAL project’s responsible party.
The successful consultant will be required to fully comply with all applicable regulations, rules & policies. This includes adherence to our clients code of conduct for individual contractors, with a specific focus on fraud prevention, conflict of interest & safeguarding of assets.

Key competencies:
Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering, medical physics, or a closely related field with a minimum of five years of demonstrably successful experience in conducting quality assurance inspections for medical equipment, preferably in a conflict or post conflict setting.
Proven track record of applying any medical / laboratory procurement & quality assurance guidelines.
In depth understanding of laboratory equipment functionality, technical specifications & relevant safety protocols.
Excellent communication, writing & reporting skills.
Ability to work independently & as part of a team in a challenging environment.
Fluency in Arabic & English languages.

Team management:
This role has no team management responsibility.

Further information:
This role is for a total of 10 calendar working days.
Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.
This Terms of Reference (TOR) is prepared based on the information provided & aligns with our clients regulations concerning procurement procedures & best practices for quality assurance in complex environments.
For detailed TOR with deliverables, please refer to this advert on CTG website.

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