The creation of the regional platforms has enabled the improvement of a number of key activities, notably research and development through staff mobility and the provision of training, for example. However, the potential created is still untapped for many reasons, including the time required to find the optimal positioning of platforms in a system that used to operate differently.

As for L&D activities, they coincided with a much broader reflection which made it possible to establish a philosophy and which will soon define a strategy and a new structure. At the same time, the training unit has also reviewed its role and mission, with some clear indications on the changes to expect in the coming years.

In this context, the platform has adapted its activities to the most urgent and important needs, although it has clearly anticipated and integrated the different visions defined at each level.


The mission of L&D teams is to provide consistent support to areas enabling them to ensure a global, mobile and diverse workforce capable of meeting operational needs through capabilities and motivation. To do this, the regional intersectional training and development manager must

Act as the main contact for L&D activities in the region, establishing an effective connection between the Ocs L&D department, the Cells and the HR Unit teams.

The Regional Intersectional Learning and Development Lead provides strategic and functional learning and development expertise and guidance, with the goal of planning and implementing processes and activities that promote the development of a diverse and competent workforce to effectively achieve mission operational objectives in the region:

  • Develop and coordinate efforts between internal actors (HR unit, cells, MSF platforms and mission) and external actors (institutions or other NGOs) to understand the obstacles encountered, real needs, learning and development opportunities, and support the professional development of staff in the region.
  • Build a regional learning and staff development offering and strengthen mentoring capacity tailored to staff needs.
  • Map learning and partnership opportunities at the regional level and support the identification of common training and development needs that COs have on the ground and propose synergistic solutions.
  • Strengthen MSF’s training capacity, mentoring/coaching offering, in the development of specific skills (clinical internship, etc.) by exploring the possibility of creating a mentoring system for MSF staff.
  • Strengthen MSF’s training capacity, offering mentoring/coaching, in the development of specific skills (clinical internship, etc.) by exploring the possibility of creating a good network in the region
  • in collaboration with the training manager, define a training program in English and French adapted to our employees to meet MSF’s operational needs.
  • Communicate the activities and tools of the Learning and Training Department (e.g., mentoring and coaching offers, new learning initiatives, training catalog, etc.) and ensure that the teams in the field have rapid and comprehensive access to relevant tools, resources and information
  1. Emulate networking, cooperation and economy of scale between different missions and sections operating in the region, and with external institutions/vendors.
  • Promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise between different missions/teams within (and beyond) the coverage area
  • Strengthen resource sharing and joint initiatives with other sections of the region.
  • Maintain active networking with leading training and education institutions and providers and seek opportunities for alliances and partnerships that can enrich the portfolio of available learning solutions and resources.
  • Establish links between learning needs and operational needs wherever possible.
  • Inform and strengthen the capacities of teams participating in PA activities.

    2. Contribute to the creation of tools and processes that will facilitate learning and development of staff in the region.

  • Participate in a relevant working group on new PA tools
    Help pilot a new PA initiative in the region
  • Promote the use of generic PA principles and standards for existing interventions.
  • Provide technical supervision for the L&D teams in Dakar (advice on technical choices, maintenance and updating of the toolbox, backup when necessary, etc.).

    3.Other activities

  • Contribute to leading the “Welcome to MSF” session, at regional level and in the mission if necessary in close collaboration with recruitment, Carrier Advising
  • Monitor and evaluate training and development needs and propose actions that correspond to the intersection vision in the region: in close collaboration with the Operations HR teams, ensure adequate monitoring of the learning and development measures that are undertaken by mapping and evaluating all these measures in order to monitor their impact on the development curve of each employee.
  • Conduct field visits to provide support to the HRC and GPP and update knowledge of medical and operational contexts, target audiences and field practices.

Professional skills

  • Strong interest in educational sciences/pedagogy, diploma preferred, but strong experience/expertise at least (required)
  • Field management experience, preferably within MSF or similar NGOs (required)
  • Experience in project management is an asset
  • Experience in human resources development is an asset

Studies and experience

  • Bachelor or Master Education and/or technical training in education, educational design or pedagogy.
  • Know the principles of adult learning and their application to program design and development.
  • 3-5 years of experience in training and development roles, preferably in international and multicultural contexts.
  • Experience with online learning is an asset

Capacities and skills

  • Computer skills: Word, PowerPoint and Excel are essential
  • Languages: bilingual French-English (written and spoken)

Required qualities

  • Orientation service
  • Team player and strong collaboration skills
  • Networking and negotiation
  • Analytical mind
  • Planning and organization
  • Strategic vision:

Job specifics

  • Full-time position (100%), based in Dakar
  • Date of entry into office: as soon as possible / as soon as possible
  • Contract: Permanent contract under Senegalese law (information on the package available on request)

CDI contract type

**Salary (€)**Level 11 of the MSF Senegal salary scale

Deadline for submission of applications May 23, 2024

How to apply

regional intersection L&D officer M/F | Doctors Without Borders (