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Overview of position:
The National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) in collaboration with it partners will undertake multiple vaccination campaigns in 26 states aimed at combating measles, yellow fever & ensuring the administration of RI zero doses. These Supplemental Immunization Activities (SIAs) are critical to Nigeria’s public health strategy & require robust demand creation, social & behavior change & Advocacy, Communication & Social Mobilization (ACSM) interventions to ensure success & high coverage rates.
The measles catch up SIAs & RI intensification (in zero dose LGAs) are targeted at 9 – 59 months, while the target age for the yellow fever SIAs is 9 months to 44 years.
As our client is overseeing the social & behavior change & advocacy communication social mobilization component of the activities & working in partnership with NPHCDA to ensure the effective delivery for demand for the immunization services, it seeks to engage Social and Behavior Change State Facilitators in each of the 17 states to oversee & implement effective demand creation, social & behavior change & ACSM interventions for the measles follow up, yellow fever follow up & RI zero dose immunization events.

Role objectives:
Coordination & meetings: Provide support to the state teams to effectively coordinate the advocacy, communication & social mobilization for the SIAs including participation in key technical meetings, contributing to conversations on ACSM strategies.
Contextual analysis & assessment: Provide support to & participate in the conduct of rapid assessments related to the SIAs to support ACSM strategies effectively.
Strategy development for ACSM: Ensure the development of comprehensive, evidence based ACSM strategies for the SIAs that address the needs of a wide range of stakeholders at all levels.
Implementation of community mobilization & engagement activities: Oversee the execution of innovative & interactive community engagement activities & participatory approaches, including town hall meetings, health talks, school based interventions, community & household engagements, etc. to raise awareness & motivate communities to accept the immunization services.
Stakeholder engagement & partnership building: Work with the state teams to map, engage & maintain a broad range of stakeholders, including other government agencies, non governmental organizations, community leaders, religious leaders, health professionals, media, gender groups, etc., to endorse the events & leverage their structures for the SIAs.
Development & production of communication materials: Support the design & production of culturally appropriate audiovisual materials & the delivery of materials to all levels.
Training & capacity building: Ensure the implementation of training forums for various stakeholders including health workers, community mobilizers, etc. on effective advocacy & communication, social mobilization techniques, & address vaccine hesitancy.
Crisis communication & information management: Support the state to develop & implement a crisis communication plan to address any sudden issues or misinformation that may arise during the SIAs, including training key personnel in crisis communication & rapid response strategies.
Monitoring & learning: Conduct monitoring of the implementation of activities, track progress of funds utilization against planned activities, identify areas for improvement & strategies to address them, participate in rapid assessments & document lessons learned & best practices to inform future SIAs.
Reporting & documentation: Provide detailed weekly / monthly progress reports, documenting the implementation of ACSM activities, stakeholder engagement efforts, community responses & any challenges encountered. Produce a comprehensive final report evaluating the overall effectiveness of the ACSM interventions, with recommendations for future initiatives.
Performs other duties, as required.

Inception report & a monthly work plan at the beginning of each month, specifying the activities, to be completed each month in support of the SIAs.
Monthly progress reports detailing activities, outcomes, challenges & modifications with photographs.
Participation in weekly meetings with SBC teams.
Timely & immediate alerts to the supervisor & the state on gaps observed.
A final comprehensive report summarizing the campaign outcomes, lessons learned & recommendations for future campaigns.
Other documents including assessment reports, strategy documents, training documents, etc.

Project reporting:
This role reports to the line manager.

Key competencies:
Bachelors degree in communication or a related field is required & coursed in finance / business administration considered as an asset.
Fluency in English & knowledge in a local language of the assigned states is an asset.
Minimum of 5 years of experience in social & behavior change, community mobilization, health communication, or related areas is required.
Experience with implementing successful non polio supplemental immunization activities & public health campaigns.
Strong understanding of the cultural & socio economic context of the assigned state.
Excellent communication, coordination, training & report writing skills.

Team management:
This role has no team management responsibility.

Further information:
Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.

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