Background: Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries. In Bangladesh, Concern Worldwide Bangladesh’s Country Strategic Plan 2022- 2026 aims to contribute to bringing sustainable, positive changes in the lives of people living in extreme poverty in Bangladesh. Concern’s work focusing on improving the food security and health and nutrition status of those living in extreme poverty, including developing a greater understanding of broader health, nutrition and food systems and the linkages between urban and rural areas. Concern’s programmes will directly contribute to progress against Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), along with the Government of Bangladesh’s 8th Five Year Plan and other relevant policies and strategies.

In the Country Strategic Plan, it is clearly stated that effective engagement of media to support advocacy to draw policy attention to improve access to quality services by the extreme poor.

At present, Concern programme focuses on Health, Nutrition, Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Equality, Governance, also strengthening advocacy for extreme poor. According to Country Strategic plan (CSP), Concern’s advocacy aims to address policy issues and institutional barriers for the extreme poor. Going forward, we have to build a voice and position as an advocate for influencing policy makers, policy forums and institutions to support the extreme poor move out of poverty where media engagement can play a crucial part.

Objectives: To engage media strategically and systematically to contribute to achieving the Concern Bangladesh CSP objectives 2022-2026

Media Engagement Strategy: Popular Print and TV media will be engaged for Concern’s thematic programmes and to influence policy makers and reach to wider audiences. The TV programmes and Print media article will also capture the policy commitments from the policy makers to contribute to the wider evidence based advocacy of the organization.

All Print & TV Media are available in both print and online media version and TV and print media have good reach in social media channels which will maximize the reach of Concern’s programme and advocacy voices.

Overall Objectives of the media engagement :

  • Strategic media engagement for Concern to contribute CSP.
  • Engage media strategically and systematically throughout a year or two years.
  • Media advocacy to engage and influence policy makers , donors and government authorities
  • Strengthen Concern’s profile nationally through media

Expected Deliverables:

  1. Op-ed – Total 2 op-ed will be published in lead print media, Concern’s staff will write op-ed and the media organization will confirm publishing on time in lead print media. The Op-ed will be on health and nutrition/ COP29/ climate change considering Concern’s programme evidence. Concern will ensure the expert writer for op-ed. The media organization engage expert to write op-ed on behalf Concern.
  2. ArticleTotal 8 Articles in lead print media both eng and bangla. The organization will follow policy brief and thematic documents aligned Concern’s advocacy.
  3. News coverage- Total 10 national event will be covered in national lead media. At least 7 lead print (both eng and Bangla lead print media) and 4 TV channel. In addition the news to be covered in popular online News Media.
  4. TV Program– 2 TV program for Concern. The media org will engage policy makers / Government high authority along expert and Concern. The media organization will work with Concern to design full program with advice by Concern engaging policy maker/other experts in the discussion. In addition, the media org will ensure Concern’s Expert as speaker in more TV program.TV program will be designed on thematic advocacy including health, climate finance, anticipatory action, urban resilience, Rohingya issue, disaster preparedness.
  5. Media visit-Total 2 visit in Concern’s programme locations. 2/3 Media journalists must join the visit.
  • Barguna/ Patukhali
  • Dhaka City Corporation

Media Journalists will visit field to document the best practices, human interest stories and will write in the print media as Article/ article stories. Concern will confirm which stories to capture. The media organization will organize visit and ensure publish in media. The consultant media organization will be flexible to review the plan and deliverables according to the requirements of Concern Worldwide

Duration and Location of Assignment : The total period for this media engagement will be for one (01) year from June 2024- May 2025.

Remuneration/Fee: Interested parties are requested to submit their financial proposal along with the technical proposal including cost of field travel and other relevant cost for the assignment for a period of total12 Months consultancy*;* inclusive all VAT and Taxes as per policy of the government of Bangladesh, which shall be deducted at source prior to the payment.

Payment: Payment will be an agreed amount including VAT and tax for the total assigned service. Full payment will be made upon completion of the assignment as per the agreed ToR. The payment mode will be in three (3) instalments for the entire assignment against invoices issued by the Consultant:

  1. First instalment is 20% after contract signing with Concern Worldwide.
  2. Second instalment of 40% of the payment will be made after 6 months of services
  3. The remaining 40% will be paid upon satisfactory whereby all deliverables are clearly documented.

Concern will not be liable for any bank charges arising from incorrect bank details being provided to Concern. The payments will be made through Account payee cheque.

Line of Communications for media engagement : The Concern Programmes Director and Deputy Programme Director will guide and management support the overall media engagement. However, the day to day management and communications will be supported by the below:

  • Concern Communication Coordinator will be managing media engagement for the organization, will provide technical guidance to the media organization throughout the assignment and will ensure all media content closely working with country director, PD, DPD and PMs.
  • Advocacy Advisor will ensure policy brief and advocacy message to support media engagement activities.
  • Programme Managers will provide support with project information, field coordination, and other programmatic support needed for media engagement for project.

Copyright and Confidentiality: Concern Worldwide will have the copyright for all the documents, media content by the consultant(s) with due acknowledgement. No media document/content should be reproduced or published any manner without prior written approval of Concern Worldwide. The consultant will maintain the confidentiality of the stated assignment.

Concern Worldwide’s Policies and Guidelines: Concern’s Code of Conduct (CCoC) and its associated safeguarding policies; the Programme Participant Protection Policy, the Child Safeguarding Policy and the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Policy have been developed to ensure the maximum protection of programme participants from exploitation and to clarify the responsibilities of Concern staff, consultants, contractors, visitors to the programme and partner organisations, and the standards of behaviour expected of them. In this context staff have a responsibility to the organisation to strive for and maintain the highest standards in the day-to-day conduct in their workplace in accordance with Concern’s core values and mission. Concern’s Code of Conduct and its associated safeguarding policies have been appended to this Contract for your signature. By signing the Concern Code of Conduct you demonstrate that you have understood their content and agree to conduct yourself in accordance with the provisions of these two documents.

Breach of Code of Conduct and Sharing of Information: We are required to share details of certain breaches of Concern’s Code of Conduct, specifically those related to fraud, sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment and trafficking in persons, with external organizations such as institutional donors, regulatory bodies and future employers. In the event where you have been found to be in breach of these aspects of Concern’s Code of Conduct, your personal details (e.g. name, date of birth, address and nationality) and details of these breaches will be shared with these external bodies. Organizations may retain this data and use it to inform future decisions about you.

In addition, where we are working in partnership with another organization and where there are allegations of breaches in the above areas against you, we will cooperate with any investigation being undertaken and will share your personal details with investigation teams.

A breach of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal.

Technical Guideline : Both Concern Worldwide’ s Code of Conduct, Communications Branding Policy must be followed throughout this assignment. The communications policy includes the requirement for informed consent of any persons being pictured, videoed, interviewed, etc.

The Consultant/Organization must follow Concern guidelines on communications and branding in all media engagement activities, articles, news, programme etc.

All media activities related to Concern’s work and media content publish to external must be aligned with Concern’s Communications policy.

Safety and Security: It is a requirement that the Consultant will comply with Bangladesh security policy and in-country security procedures. It is a requirement that the Consultant will comply with Bangladesh security policy and in-country security procedures. Failing to comply will result in immediate termination of contract. The work plan will need to be flexible and have built in contingency plans that can be activated through mutual discussion with Concern and the partners on the ground. This will be especially important for activities that require fieldwork and face-to-face interactions.

Experiences and Qualifications

  • Over 10 years’ experience as media organization/ senior media professional/ media agency worked in national/international media.
  • Experience in facilitating and managing media stakeholders at the national and local level.
  • Experience in the designing and managing media programme in TV and Print Media.
  • Experience in ensuring high quality accurate media coverage of issues like health, nutrition poverty, climate change, gender equality, urban governance, Rohingya refugee.
  • Proven experience of working with Policy Makers and high level decision makers.
  • Proven experience working with UN agencies/ INGOs for media engagement.
  • Experience in strategic media engagement for development sectors.
  • Knowledge and expert on media print and electronic media programmes.
  • Excellent technical writing and communications skills for media.

How to apply

Pre-bid meeting for interested consultants on 06 May 2024 at 3:00 pm via MS Teams.

Join MS Teams Meeting

How to apply? Interested parties with relevant experience may submit proposals containing following documents by e-mail to [email protected].

Media Organization for consultancy:

  • Technical proposal and financial proposal outlining how they will meet the requirements outlined in this Terms of Reference. This should be no more than 10 pages.
  • Include a short profile of the media organization highlighting experiences on related strategic media assignment with details of client.
  • Lead Consultant’s (team leader) CV (max 2 pages) highlighting related work experiences and assignment completed.
  • Other Team members’ (Engage in this assignment) CV (max 1 page each) highlighting related task and assignment completed.
  • Consultancy Organization legal documents (Certificate, TIN and VAT registration).
  • Evidence of similar strategic media work recently completed.
  • List of references for recent work of a similar nature. Concern will be verifying these references.

Technical Proposal Evaluation Format: Total 60 Marks

Evaluation Criteria Marks

Profile of The Media Organization with relevant experiences – 10 marks

Lead Consultant CV with experience in related assignment -15 marks

Number of Evidences of Strategic Media engagement – 15 marks

Experience with UN/INGOs in strategic media engagement – 10 marks

Number/times of Experience engaging policy makers and high level experts in Media programme – 10 marks

Total marks Technical : 60

Total marks Financial : 40

Note: The consultant above 50 marks in Technical Evaluation will be considered for Financial Evaluation. Evidences and experiences along the lead consultant profile will be great consideration in Technical Evaluation.

How to Submit Proposals:

Interested consultancy firms/consultants can email the Expression of Interest i.e. Technical Proposal, Concern’s Financial Template with TIN certificate, trade licence (if any) to [email protected].

Please only write “Strategic Media Engagement” in the subject line of your e-mail.