OBJECTIVE: International Medical Corps aims to rehabilitate water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure systems, improve waste management systems, as well as establish infection control and prevention practices in health centers, considering environmental aspects, inclusion of people with disability and gender-sensitive; in order to ensure access to safe drinking water, hygiene services and functioning sanitation devices, as well as reduce the transmission of infections. Additionally, International Medical Corps aims to strengthen the capacities of health personnel and community leaders in aspects related to WASH to improve the well-being of selected areas.


The primary role of the WASH Manager is to provide technical support and oversee the implementation of WASH programs at the national level. Working in coordination with the Program Director, the WASH Manager contributes to several aspects of program management:

1. Concept notes and proposals: The WASH Manager plays a key role in preparing concept notes and proposals related to water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives. These documents outline project ideas, objectives and strategies to address WASH challenges.

2. Monitoring and reporting: The WASH Manager ensures effective monitoring of program activities. Regular evaluations help track progress, identify areas for improvement, and measure the impact of WASH interventions. Additionally, the manager prepares reports for donors to communicate the program’s achievements and challenges.

3. Capacity development: One of the key responsibilities is to improve the capacity of local staff and stakeholders involved in WASH activities. This includes training, skills development and knowledge sharing to ensure effective program delivery.

4. Liaison and representation: The WASH Manager serves as a liaison between the in-country mission and external partners. This involves collaborating with WASH groups at both the national and regional levels. Effective communication and coordination are essential to successful program outcomes.5. Networking: Internal and external networking is crucial. The WASH Manager fosters relationships with relevant stakeholders, including government agencies, NGOs and community-based organizations. These networks facilitate collaboration, resource pooling, and knowledge sharing.

  • In short, the WASH Manager combines technical knowledge with project management skills to address water, sanitation and hygiene challenges. His work contributes to improving public health, environmental sustainability and general well-being.
  • Other: Support the planning and preparation of needs assessments by determining the appropriate methodology and tools for data collection.
  • Collaborate with the Program Department team to conduct assessments to identify water, sanitation and hygiene needs in specific areas.
  • Provide support to the MERA department in the preparation of needs assessment reports when needs and gaps are identified.
  • Ensure that all water, sanitation and hygiene activities are within the scope of the project, maintaining high quality standards and respecting best humanitarian practices.
  • Provide on-site support and supervision, mentoring and performance evaluation of all WASH staff under the position’s reporting line.
  • Provide regular updates and technical guidance to the Program team on progress, priorities and challenges.
  • Ensure that Sphere standards (both qualitative and quantitative) are taken into account throughout the program cycle.
  • Prepare concept documents, letters of intent, proposals and budgets related to WASH initiatives.
  • Contribute to the selection, design and implementation of activities for water systems for the given context (communities, health facilities, camps and schools), including source selection (groundwater, surface water), extraction, storage, treatment and distribution for new systems and the rehabilitation of old water systems.
  • Contribute to the selection, design and implementation of sanitation systems in communities, health facilities, camps and Schools to include excrement disposal, vector control, solid waste disposal and drainage. Take full account of local conditions, resources, customs and cultural norms.
  • Contribute and offer, in collaboration with other actors, an appropriate hygiene promotion program that is adapted to the local context (communities, health facilities, camps and schools) and that is widely accepted by beneficiaries.
  • Ensure all infection prevention and control (ICP) activities, including supervision and training of non-clinical teams.
  • Prepare and lead training sessions for the team and external partners on water supply, sanitation, hygiene practices and relevant technical aspects.
  • Design and implement exit strategies to ensure a smooth transition while minimizing damage when a site is gradually abandoned.
  • Represent the Mission in the country in the WASH Cluster and other working groups and collaborate with proposed WASH initiatives.


  • Minimum bachelor’s degree, water and sanitation engineering, civil engineering or related. Specialization in WASH desirable.
  • At least three years of work experience in the design and implementation of water and sanitation systems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Spanish. (Mandatory) – The first phase is interview in English.
  • Demonstrated experience in developing WASH proposals and preparing internal and donor reports.

How to apply


  1. Make sure you meet all the requirements.
  2. Send email to: [email protected].
  3. Subject Title: WASH Manager
  4. Attach updated resume.

Only applications whose email subject meets the requirements will be taken into account.
DEADLINE : May 26, 2024.
We encourage interested parties to send their resume as soon as possible. If you send an email after the indicated date, your application will not be valid.

IMC Venezuela will never ask candidates in a selection process to pay a consideration, fee or any other exchange. If any payment or favor is requested from you in relation to this selection process, please inform us at “